NOVEMBER 19, 2008

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It is somewhat unusual for us to not have visitors in our home.  We, right now, have Sarah from Canada, Lisa from Colorado, and Judy and Isaac from New Mexico.  Next week, we will have four ladies from Switzerland with us for four days.  Visitors both encourage us and challenge us.  They come loaded down with supplies for the children, the women’s program and for us as well.  They come to give of their resources, gifts and talents to make a difference here in Haiti.






A recent visitor and friend Chris Plourde is pictured right putting up a ceiling fan in the office ceiling.  He is with John and Austin Dale, first time visitors, who are helping as well, sort of.  






dinner Pictured left was our table last night as we sat down for a quick meal before Beth and I headed out for a meeting.  Beth is a great cook and visitors who visit with us often comment about Beth’s meals and of course our giant mastiff dogs as well.  They are probably the most photographed dogs in Haiti.  They love having visitors also as it could mean more table scraps for them.  The Haitians are not used to two hundred pound dogs and recently at one of our fellowship times, we had a Haitian woman that Maguire, our largest dog singled out as a possible food source.  She wanting him to leave her alone would give him a small piece of food from her plate but, of course, this just caused him to press in even closer to her as it takes ALOT of little pieces of food to fill him up.


We appreciate our visitors and the gift of their lives as they give of themselves.  We appreciate those that enable the visitors to come by praying for and supporting.





John McHoul

  1. John says:

    New look looks good

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