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Being a midwife is about helping and supporting a woman throughout her pregnancy and through the birth process.  This is an art as well as a skill.  In the United States having a midwife is a radical, off the beaten track choice, here in Haiti it can be a life saving choice.  Here in Haiti our prenatal classes and clinic are attended by women who get no other prenatal care.  These women often birth at home without a skilled attendant of any kind.  They are often afraid to go to hospitals because if there are complications the bills will be too high.  These women live on the edge.






My training has taken me to the Philippines and just recently to the Dominican Republic.  I went with a group of midwifery students and our instructor to work in a very poor hospital where births are happening round the clock.  It was especially meaningful to me when the laboring mom was a Haitian lady and I could communicate freely with her.  What a difference was made in a birth when a midwife could let nature take its course and help the mom through the process.  Midwives give medical care and are well trained but they give so much more.  Dignity, support, and prayer go hand in hand with medical skills to make a birth all that it can be. 



   Beth and a soon to be mom





The poor are at times mistreated, not respected and not heard.  Women are left to labor alone in large hospitals with little care.  Understaffed and under financed hospitals in the third world can not offer quality care.  Many of the practices are antiquated and unsafe.  A woman and baby deserve more.
Our women’s program seeks to offer women more.  With prenatal care they will be more prepared in body and mind for the delivery.  Prenatal care saves lives!  Our birthing center will offer a woman a safe, clean and loving place to have her baby.  Our women are in a life changing program.  Literacy, sewing, child development, crocheting, and prenatal care all work together to make a successful woman.



          Beth delivering a baby


My time in the Dominican was eye opening.  Some of the births were horrific and ended in death.  That was extremely sad to watch.  High risk moms due to malnutrition and poverty had many complications and although their methods were antiquated and rough the doctors and nurses worked hard to save babies.  The midwives births were always different.


My studies were furthered in what to do and what not to do.  The education was invaluable and brings me closer to our goal of helping women through the birth process. 





God was good and as always His purposes were multi-fold.  As I learned and grew I got to minister to laboring women, I got to speak in a Haitian church, I got to pray with a midwifery student from Texas to accept Christ.  The time had sweet moments.  Lisa Buxman, my dear friend and fellow midwife was there with me teaching me and befriending me.  We will both serve as midwives in Haiti.




               Lisa Buxman

It is a special thing to help bring a child into the world.  Having a baby delivered into my hands, putting that baby on the mom’s belly and cutting the cord is a rich, rewarding, thrilling experience.  Doing this with Haitian women who have no other advocate is rich indeed!
I am blessed!   

Beth McHoul




  1. Kristen says:

    Beth, what an amazing experience!  I am so excited for you as you learn to be a midwife.  You will help make the birthing experience so much more comfortable for women in a very vulnerable time.

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