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AJI We on Friday, November 21, said, "Bon Voyage" to Allissane who boarded an American Airline’s jet along with her adoptive mama Judy and previously adopted from Haiti, brother Isaac for her new home in New Mexico.  Allissane will be missed by us and by the other children, but we rejoice that she is now home where she belongs.


Our nannies have an important part in the care and nurturing of the children.  It is common for them to shed tears as the children come to the crèche one last time to say, "Good-bye."


Thank you for your prayers and support that allow children such as Allissane to travel to their new homes.









Allissane and the other children loved whacking the pinata, that mama Judy brought for Allissane’s birthday.  I wish that I had been there to take a few whacks myself, especially when the candy inside fell to the floor.









We a couple of times a year try to have a bit of our American tradition here in Haiti.  So on Thanksgiving day 30 plus people will gather together for a turkey will all the trimmings dinner.  We here are super busy and we can go many weeks without really seeing dear friends, expect perhaps when we are in church and then we don’t really have time to sit and talk.  Our Thanksgiving dinners are different, we will spend several hours eating, enjoying one another’s company, singing and praying.

I am usually the last one to take a plate, not because of being humble or something like that, but because I stay in the kitchen and eat out of the pan thing that the turkey has been cooked in.  It is great stuff, with lots of grease and the best flavored meat. 



December will soon be here and we at our church will make it a mission’s emphasis month.  We will have a special mission’s Sunday and we will be showing two DVDS: PEACE CHILD and THE END OF THE SPEAR during the month.  We on the first Sunday in January will hand out the MAKE CHANGE jars where people put their change and turn the MAKE CHANGE jars in on Easter Sunday.  Last year we gave fifty percent of the several hundred dollars raised to a children’s work here in Haiti and the other fifty percent to an orphanage in Uganda.  

DECEMBER seems to be a perfect missions month, as for believers, it is a month when we think about giving.  We think about how God gave His son and we then are challenged to be givers.  


I like this quote by John Wesley:   Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can.      John Wesley ( 1703 – 1791)


My kids have started to ask Beth what I want for Christmas in addition to the regular stuff like beef jerky, licorice, gummy bears, and other such important staples of life.  I have decided on just one book and that will be wonderful.  I am looking forward to reading  GIANTS: THE PARALLEL LIVES OF FREDERIK DOUGLAS AND ABRAHAM LINCOLN by John Stauffer  


BETH’S CAR has been down for over three weeks.  She doesn’t like it and she moans a bit about it to the other three couples that we work with.  But she does not receive much sympathy from them as they all are one car families and we have two cars and a motorcycle.  I told Beth that it’s kind of like a person with two legs complaining about a sore leg  to a person with only one leg. 


John McHoul

  1. Kristen says:

    We have such great memories of our Thanksgiving spent with you last year.  I wish we could be there this year!  I will never forget you pulling a chair up to the carcass and going at it with a fork!!
    Kristen Howerton

  2. John says:

    It is certainly for me the best part of the Thanksgiving meal, being alone with the carcass.

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