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It is a little after 5:30 on Sunday morning; and I am in the office going over the message I will bring to the people of Port -au-Prince Fellowship this morning. I am asking myself if I have in fact heard from God and if I will be a faithful messenger, by simply giving the message that God has given to me for the church. I also am making personal preparation by praying and dwelling on the things of God. I, each Sunday, find that I ultimately ask God to move in our service, not according to the qualifications or righteousness of me, the messenger, but rather, because of His great love and compassion for the people who will be there today.



Last night, Beth and I had a nice meal with a young, recently married, couple that attends our church. We went to their home where they served us deep fried pork, rice with shrimp, fried plantain, a pasta thing, a beet salad thing, and passion fruit drink. Beth made a cake for dessert and it was great. What a privilege it was to sit in their home and to start to get to know one another.



Sometimes I underestimate how meaningful it is to others for us to visit or sit in their home and at their table to enjoy the food that they have taken several hours to prepare. This probably was the first time that Americans had sat at their table, spent some time talking and of course the Haitian love it when we eat their food. I love it too!







Tonight a group of us gathered together to hear Sheila and Beth talk about their recent trips out of Haiti. Sheila traveled to the States where she shared at several places about our Women’s program and she also had a purse party in Joplin, Missouri where over seventy purses made by the women in our Women’s Program were sold.Beth spent almost two weeks in the Dominican Republic with other midwives at a hospital. She, there, helped in the delivery of several dozen babies and even delivered some herself.





These ladies are a part of our team. While they were away we prayed for them and now we have heard from them. IT WAS A GOOD NIGHT!


John McHoul

  1. Denise says:

    John, I\’m so glad to hear you eat real food. All the junk you talk about in the blog had me concerned.

  2. John says:

    When I was in Los Angelas, I ate at a place called Whole Foods.  I figured that took care of the health food for at a year.

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