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Christmas Shopping




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It is American Thanksgiving Day and our house has that wonderful smell of a turkey that has slowly been cooking throughout the night. Later today at least fifty of us will gather together to enjoy the day with a huge meal, wonderful fellowship and with hearts turned to God with thankfulness.



PSALM 95:2




Yesterday we began the process of receiving new children into the crèche. We almost daily have people that want us to take their children; we are not quick to take children, first because we are a crèche not an orphanage. In this country a crèche is for short term care which in our case is for adoption, where an orphanage is for long term care. Secondly, giving a child is no small thing and it should not be treated lightly. So we have a process that we follow that I would like to share with you. This process may vary depending upon the situation of the child. For example if the child has been abandoned and the biological family cannot be found or if both parents are dead and there are no known living relatives. And, of course, we pray to determine if this child before us is one that the Lord would have us receive, love, and nurture until he/she travels to the adoptive family.




Children come to us through referral. I can’t think of a time when we have taken the children of people that come to our gate, wanting to give their children. Through referral we can better determine if the situation is one that would warrant adoption. Not all children should be adopted.




image A few days ago one of our security guards came to me and said that there was a woman in his area that already has two children and is pregnant and that she cannot care for the children she now has. I know the area and have been there often. The Haitians call it the ghetto and that aptly describes it. A couple of years ago, when there was a lot of kidnapping and gang fighting, this area was not safe to enter as it was a place where some of the kidnappers operated and a place where the UN would have firefights with the gang members.


We made a rendezvous for him to bring her to the crèche on Wednesday the 26th at 9:00 AM and to also come with the four year old girl that she wants to give and with original documents, such as: birth certificates, ID cards, photos, and so on. As so often happens, it didn’t quite work out that way but it was still a good meeting. They got there about 10:30 and only the mama came with the security guard. She didn’t have the child or any of the documents that I requested. She did though have several photos of her with her two children. We will scan these for the future adoptive parents. That’s if we do in fact take the child.



Sitting in front of us (Byron, Shelley, Troy, and me) was a very pregnant 19 year old who already has two children and clearly number three will be coming soon. We asked questions such as her name, date of birth, number of children she has and their ages. We asked about the father(s) and she told us the father of the 2 year old and of the child she is currently carrying is the same man. But the papa of the 4 year old is someone else whom she has not seen for years and she does not know where he is.


We as well asked about her parents, and her siblings and why they couldn’t help her raise her children. She told us that she lives with her 24 year old sister who herself has four children and who squeaks out a living by selling things like cookies, candy, crackers on the street. She as well told us that the 2 year old is being cared for by the parents of the papa, but they will not care for the 4 year old who is has a different papa.


We talked to her about the seriousness of offering her daughter for adoption and that it very well may mean that she may never see her again. She said that she understood. We ended in prayer and set a date for rendezvous number two.




We set another rendezvous for Monday November 30th, at which time she is to bring her 4 year old and her original documents that we have requested. We, at this appointment, will examine the documents to see if they are in order, which very often they are not. We will look to see if the name of the mama on her birth certificate matched her name of her child’s birth certificate and at several other such details.


We will get to know the child, do a quick assessment of her to determine if emergency care is needed. If this is the case we would consider taking her in immediately, but this is not something that normally happens. In emergency cases we would have the mother and child come daily and we would feed them and care for the child, and treat her or them medically. We, during this appointment will take the child to a lab nearby and have various lab work done, so we can get a picture of where this child is at.


We will end this appointment by asking the mother to go to her family and to tell them that she wants to offer her child for adoption. Perhaps she will discover that her family will agree to help her raise the child. We also again talk to her about the seriousness of what she wants to do and is she sure. We tell her that while the child is in our care, she certainly can come and see her and spend time with her; but after the child travels to her new home, and then we would hope that the new parents will maintain contact but that it does not always happen.


We will set another appointment for a week later and this then, gives us time to get a closer look at the paperwork, and determine how it can be fixed if needed. We also would have had the lab work back and it as well gives her several days to consider or reconsider her decision.




It is at this third rendezvous where generally the decision will finalized by the mother to give or not give the child and for us to take in or not take in the child. If we agree to take in the child, she can at that time enter our home and the mother will leave without her child. This often is an emotional moment and I always wonder what is going through the mother’s head and as well what older children like the 4 year old is feeling.


Once the child enters the home, she begins the road to a new life. And our work then really begins.




I hope that this gives you a glimpse of how children may enter MARANATHA CHILDREN’S HOME.


John McHoul


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