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Recently I wrote about the missionary here that had her compound broken into by thieves that spent a couple of hours breaking into her house. When she called the police, they said that they couldn’t come because they had no gas for their vehicle. So the thieves took their time getting in and once in they took their time stealing stuff.


The missionary had a group scheduled to come in two days after the thieves came, but the group canceled, except for ONE who decided to still come. While the missionary is, of course, disappointed that the group canceled it is amazing how much power the ONE that did come has to encourage and strengthen her in this difficult time.


She told me that when the ONE still came that she thought of a message I preached some time ago about how we really know God loves us because Christ came. He loved enough to come. THERE IS TREMENDOUS POWER IN ONE PLUS ONE.


Last night coming back from Bible study I had dropped several people off and was close to dropping the last few people off, when someone came up to my driver’s side window and told me that one of my rear tires was completely flat. Now I know that perhaps some will wonder why I couldn’t tell that it was flat as you would think that it would be obvious by the way that the truck bounced along the road because of one tire being completely flat. BUT REMEMBER THESE ARE THE ROADS OF HAITI.


The roads here are mostly anything but flat and so even with no flat you bounce around, going in and out of potholes, running over debris in the road, and traveling on bumpy and at times seemingly crater filled roads. So driving with a flat tire can seemed no different than driving without one.  I did hear a thumbing noise but I thought that it was coming from the several l taxis that were blaring music. Also with the squeaking, shaking, banging, knocking and rattling of my pickup the thumping of the flat tire just fit right in.


I pulled to the side of the road (something that most Haitian drivers don’t do, as they usually fix the car where it breaks down or where they first see that they have a flat) and sure enough the tire was flat, flat, flat. The people with me were only a couple of hundred feet from where I would be dropping them off, so they left me there to walk home while I was looking at the flat time. But ONE person stayed and helped, he jacked up the car while I dealt with the tire. He just by being there when the others left greatly encouraged me and just helped me to see that there is power, and strength, and encouragement, and when there is ONE plus ONE.


And while working on the tire, there were perhaps a couple hundred people that walked on by but there was ONE who stopped with a flashlight in his hands and who shone the light where we were working on the tire, so we could see what we were doing. What an encouragement that ONE was.


Perhaps there can be times when you and I can be the ONE that helps, encourages, strengthens and stays around when others have moved on.


John McHoul


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