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I have had a sore shoulder for some time now and now it hurts more than it has in the past. I stopped playing tennis for a few months because I hurt my feet when I fell off and on a ladder. I started playing again a few weeks ago and instead of letting this 55 year old body ease into playing, especially serving, I hurt my shoulder again by over doing it. So when I got home today after playing doubles I found some stuff called PAIN SPRAY which I used. I LEARNED TODAY that the Pain Spray worked well on my shoulder but not in my right eye where some of it landed when I sprayed it on my shoulder. It for sure was PAIN SPRAY.




After we played tennis, Troy and I went to find UPS so I could get an envelope which was suppose to be delivered to my house yesterday. Troy drove because there seems to be a diesel shortage and my truck is near empty. We drove to where Troy thought UPS was but the sign was gone and there was a different sign and so I had him drive to where I thought it was and it wasn’t there. When I got home I checked on the internet for the phone number and I called them to get their address. Well it was the same address as the first place that we checked out but where the sign was gone. So I got on the motorcycle as went to the place where the sign was gone and where a sign was in place for a different business and got the envelope.


I should know this and maybe I did once but I forgot. A sign on the outside of the building may not correlate with the business inside the building. So for example, if I am looking for Joe’s Auto Parts at 100 Main Street and I get there and the sign on the outside says Mary’s Beauty Salon and it has beauty salon type pictures on the walls and on the windows, it is a good chance that it is actually Joe’s Auto Parts.


I have been here almost twenty years and I guess I’m just a slow learner.




Beth has had her new laptop for only about four months. She uses her computer everyday especially in her midwifery studies. The last laptop she had wigged out and she took it to the States on one of her trips to see if it could be fixed. The computer fixer guy opened it up and said that this is the dirtiest computer he has ever seen. How did it get like this he wanted to know. Beth told him that she lives in Haiti, where dust is one of the major food groups, along with the smoke from burning trash, burning charcoal, burning tires and the exhaust of cars and trucks and generators.


He told her that the mother board was gone and that it would cost more to replace it than the computer is worth. So we got approval from Tom White, our bean counter, to get her another laptop. Three days ago she told me that the laptop is acting funny and that when she presses the keys, they don’t work. But sometimes they do.


We are looking for some thoughts on what could be the problem as she uses her laptop every day. She sometimes gives me the let me use your laptop look but I pretend not to notice. She is using an old laptop that a generous person left. ANY THOUGHTS ON WHAT HER PROBLEM WITH THE KEYBOARD COULD BE?


John McHoul

  1. Kristen says:

    I think the dogs are checking their email when she is not looking . . . Kristen

  2. John says:

    YIKES, you know that could be it. They have sent a computer or two flying off the table.

  3. Victor says:

    a. Dirty and\\or bad keyboard. b. Unless she is experiencing slow response from keyboard, in which case that would be indicative of a lot of things running and competing for cpu resources, besides legitimate things it could be spyware that is slowing it down.

  4. John says:

    It has been suggested that we spray some compressed air which we will do and I will check for spyware and viruses.Victor, Thanks for your suggestions.John

  5. John says:

    So I discovered that the keyboard works if I tap or hit and bang above the keyboard where the on/off and other buttons are located. Beth l;eaves today for Arkansas where she will speak, do a purse party and visit. She will see Joseph and Kesline two of our children that left the creche this year. She will take the computer with her and show a repair guy the tapping method of computer repair. Perhaps he/she will know another way of fixing it.John

  6. Victor says:

    That could be a loose connection. In many laptop models that is where keyboards are connected to the motherboards. Should not be a difficult fix for a computer fixer guy.

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