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image Sunday morning I went to the office, which is also where the Women’s Center is, which is also where the Lynch family lives. Sheila Lynch is in charge of the Sewing Program. Walking past their truck in the driveway, I could see that the right front tire was flat. So I called to Sheila for the keys and got from inside the truck the little air compressor used to put air in tires. I plugged it into the cigarette lighter and attached the air house to the tire stem and then turned on the compressor. After about 10 minutes of running the compressor, the tire was still flat. So while I was getting ready to actually change the tire, Sheila came out and stood there for a minute and then she without saying a word stooped down and plugged the other end of the air hose into the compressor and in just a few minutes the tire was full.


It is amazing what can happen when things are connected and when ONE comes along to help ONE who  unknowingly needed help.




Saturday night a man that I have not seen for at least 5 years came to my gate. We caught up a bit and then, he told me that he was getting married in February and then he twice told me, this is after he had already told me, that I have gotten so young looking. NOW YOU CAN BE CERTAIN THAT I’VE NEVER HEARD THAT BEFORE. And then he whipped out the receipts for the cost of materials to build a little house for him and his bride to be and asked me for money to help him build their house.


I told him to come back a few weeks before the wedding and then I went back into the house. I told her about the guy at the gate and what he wanted and that he said I had gotten so young looking. And it was at that point that Beth looked at me and burst out laughing.




image As it got closer to Christmas, the place where we put the Christmas tree has been barren. Our friends Warren and Carrie from Michigan for the past few years have been the Christmas tree visitors. But this year they came earlier and so couldn’t come during the Christmas season. So we had to get creative if we would have the tree up this year. When our kids were at home, then they would do the tree but since they have left the roost, we recruit put up the Christmas tree helpers. My job is to declare whether the tree is crooked or straight.



So after church on Sunday we had planned on having some new people to church over for lunch and Beth, I suspect, with an eye  toward the barren Christmas tree spot invited others who had children. So after the meal and dessert, the Christmas tree crew put up the tree and decorated it in about one hour. They did a great job and now we have to select a date in January to thank them for their labor by having them for dinner and while they are here to take down what they had put up.



  John McHoul


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