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Heavy, the stuff that we deal with here can be heavy. In just about five days I have seen five women that have come telling us heart wrenching stories of how they are living. These women are living in abject poverty and doing what they can to survive, to provide for their children. Even though I have lived here for 19 years, I can’t begin to understand what they are going through.


I asked Sheila Lynch, of our Women’s Program, to write a few words: Here is what she sent to me today:


As I drove Agathe and her two girls home on Tuesday I asked her if we made a mistake. Agathe is our interpreter, but she is so much more. I call her the heartbeat of what we do here. We started a new set of lessons on domestic violence and based on the response from our last two weeks we need her wisdom. The door had been opened and I wanted to shut it. We all agreed it was a painful door to open and we had a lot of work to do. To see women who have so little struggling with yet another very painful issue seemed too much and unfair. HIV, STD’s, lack of food and education and now a mother whose husband was beating her leaving bite marks on her body. As we drove I was drilling Agathe for answers to all of my questions hoping to find a magic answer. No, Haiti doesn’t have shelters. No, Haiti doesn’t have counseling programs. No, Haiti’s churches don’t have battered woman’s programs and child care. When I asked, are we doing the right thing even when we don’t have all the answers, she said, “yes” we have to tell them the truth. The truth – wow! The truth is that there is no room for weakness in poverty. Not when you have to survive the best way you know how and do it with three or more children like so many of our mothers. As I was teaching the lesson I could see it in many other faces. I could see the wheels turning. The truth is we don’t have all the answers. But we have asked the Lord to make our house a lighthouse in our neighborhood so our ladies would feel safe and loved. We will have to take it one step at a time and one case at a time seeking the Lord for wisdom and direction because the truth is she isn’t the only woman in our program who has these kinds of needs.


Sheila Lynch


Please pray for our Women’s Program. A difference is being made in the lives of the women.






We now have in the States over 500 purses, made by the women in our program. These purses are being sold in purse parties and on-line and in a few specialty stores owned by supporters that believe in what we are doing. Each purse sold, will put into the hand of the lady who made it 50% of the selling price.


Ladies are rising above where they have been mired.


  Today I spent some time at the American Consulate for a visa appointment. While waiting, I read these words written by Bernita J. Conway:


"We see that Jesus Christ is all God’s character in one person."


I have just started to think on this and suspect that I will spend several weeks in the hope of just catching a glimpse of what this may mean for me as a believer.


I would like to hear your thoughts on it



  1. Victor says:

    I see people stuggling with HIV, STDs, who are homeless, rotten, on the streets of New York City, every day, by dozens.I ponder if they are this way by choice or…?What are your thoughts John? How do you think this parallels with Haiti?Opportunities are clearly not equal, yet given everything that United States has to offer why do we still have the problems that we do?

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