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  Help, I am sitting here next to Beth as she opens up the new Hemoglobin Meter that we have for the Women’s Program. She is trying to figure it out and even now she is reading the booklet and she just informed me that she is going to try it out on me. This would be her very first time using it. Well there is no way she sticking me, so she wants me to call our friend Troy Livesay and tell him that she has more homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for him, since he today helped himself to some when we weren’t home. And then she said that she will stick him instead. There is no way I’m going to do that to Troy, not because he doesn’t deserve to be the first one but because he will find a way to get me back.

Beth continues to read the booklet out loud to me. YIKES, I’m out of here.



 John the Chicken

  1. Unknown says:

    I had two cookies to make room for the turkeys in the freezer – I think that would throw my blood levels all out of whack anyway…otherwise I would have totally made the sacrifice to protect you.

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