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image The call came Tuesday 12:30 in the morning. I, over the years, have had dozens of such early morning calls. They usually have to do with thieves breaking into a house, an emergency, such as the time at 2:00 AM I had to get a missionary that had been shot and bring him to a missionary doctor, or a call from one of the nannies concerned about a sick child in the crèche.


This call was from Junior who called to tell me that one of the nannies was trying to find me and that they suspect that thieves were in the yard. So I arrived at the crèche at about 12:45 to find the two night nannies and two security guards waiting for me.


I was told that a shot had been fired and they thought by someone in the yard. The security guard from the other crèche came over and shot his gun and both security guards checked out the yard and inside the house. Both nannies and the security guard repeatedly told me that someone in or just outside the wall shot a gun and they heard some noise in the back yard.


The nanny told me that she saw muzzle fire outside the window and at that time the house lost city power. Thieves will often cut the power to a house to instill fear in those inside. So I checked all around to see why there was no electricity. I checked the fuse panel, the inverter, the main coming into the house, and the transformer which is in the yard. I couldn’t see why the house had lost power.


I left at about 1:30 with instructions for the security guard to call me if there was a problem; and I told them that I would be back in the morning to see if we could resolve the problem.


The next morning I called Byron and explained what had happened in the early morning and asked him to go over there to see if he could find out why the house had no city power coming in. He looked around at the same places I looked at several hours earlier and at least from the ground the transformer looked okay. But when he climbed up on a ladder to get a better look, he discovered that a rat had climbed up onto the transformer and come in contact with a live wire and then we suspect that his life ended with a loud POW. It would appear that the suspected muzzle fire was actually the fireworks display of what happens when a rat gets on a transformer and come in contact with a high voltage wire.


In addition to the rat’s life ending, something blew in the transformer which we could tell by the black soot type stuff on the outside of the transformer. We are working on getting it fixed but let me tell you that transformers make a very expensive rat trap.


John McHoul


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