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Today I was able to spend a couple of hours with Josh, or I suppose that I should say that I listened to Josh for a couple of hours. Ok, really the truth is that I was stuck for two hours in a traffic jam on a one mile stretch of road and I had a Josh Groban cd in the car player and I got to hear him sing every song twice as I enjoyed the wait. It’s a funny thing about waiting. In most cases when people are young, they have a difficult time waiting and can act impetuously. When you get older and actually have fewer years to live it seems that people can wait better. Learning to wait well and not get stressed and seeing GOD IN THE WAIT is a good thing.




I came across these quotes as I was preparing a sermon titled: FINISHING STRONG. I may type out the one by Jack Dempsey, laminate it, and stick it on the wall above the little corner of the office where I sit and work.


Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.  ~Newt Gingrich

A champion is someone who gets up, even when he can’t. ~Jack Dempsey




Our church, Port-au-Prince Fellowship, is jammed packed every Sunday, with people having to sit outside. We place a speaker so that the outside ones can hear, but it doesn’t seem to be a good solution. We for months have been talking about adding a second morning service and some time back I asked the school from whom we rent the place that we meet if we could add a second service. Well, a few days ago, we got the approval. This instead of making me giddy glad has made me feel maybe what a dog would feel like if he actually caught the car that he had been chasing. NOW WHAT DO I DO? We actually have made tentative plans in case we got the approval, but now that we have it the plans seem like child play, like scribble on one of those thing children’s toys which you write on and shake it and the words disappear. So I feel shaken, the plans seem to have disappeared and now it is the time to really pull it together.

I wonder about Moses’ initial thoughts when he was leading the nation of Israel out of Egypt. I guess really they were running to stay ahead of the Egyptian army that wanted to cut them up and kill them. And then when it seems that Moses and his group are getting away, POW, there is the Red Sea. Now what? And as we know God showed up and took control but He did say to Moses, “Why are you crying out to me? Tell the people to get moving.” SO IT IS TIME TO GET MOVING!




I just returned from the American Consulate where I went with Beth so she could have pages added to her passport. She will be traveling soon and all her pages are used up with no more places to put a stamp. So we waited about an hour and a half to be seen and tomorrow Beth will get her pages added to passport.

While we were at the consulate there has been an eye clinic going on at the Women’s Center, where dozens are being seen to determine if they need glasses. WOW, what a gift to the people, many of whom could not otherwise afford to see a doctor and get glasses.




While the eye clinic was going on, Beth broke out her hemoglobin thing and was practicing on some people. I happened to arrive as they were doing this. A normal reading for an adult is between11-18. So Beth decided to test me in an attempt I suspect to prove that I am not healthy. She did this a couple of months ago as well by cornering me in the office with a visiting doctor. They took my blood pressure and it was ok. Beth was surprised and a bit perturbed that my blood pressure was ok.

So now several of the self anointed, eat well, exercise well hovered vulture like to see what my reading was. I suspect that they thought that it would be something like negative 100. So you can imagine their disbelief and surprise when these self anointed healthy people gazed upon my number. I registered at 18, the highest and Beth, the healthy one register at 11, the lowest. Maybe I get lots of iron from the inside of the canned food that I eat. But I do know that it was wonderful to see the surprised look on the faces of the self anointed healthy people. YES!!!!!!!!!


John (18) McHoul

  1. Lucas says:

    maybe i should bring beth a couple of whoppers next time

  2. John says:

    Beth and her other healthnix friends who came in at 10, 11, 12 and so on, are in a major funk. They are confused and are reeling from the implications that one who considers a Burger King Whopper the ideal heath food came in at 18. It looks as if the conspiracy has been revealed: The importance of so called healthy eating is a myth created by the food people that make the food that they tell you is healthy. Really now most of the people I know that are into health food could be swept away by a light breeze. NOW I CAN SPEAK WITH AUTHORITY BECAUSE I AM AN 18.John 18 McHoul

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