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Today was the buy the beef day for our New Year’s Day traditional January 1st Haitian meal. We for the past couple of years have done goat, but this year we have decided to do beef. Now if you are thinking about beef bought at a supermarket then you are way off.






To get the beef we traveled to what can best be called as an animal killing field arriving at about 7:00 am. There were literally hundreds of people involved in various aspects of getting the meat from the animal into the hands of buyers. The area was inundated with dead animals and the pieces of dead animals and the insides of dead animals and the blood of dead animals. There were hundreds of people involved in everything from killing the animal, cutting it up, and using its insides for organ meat type stuff. Oh, and there were thousands of flies and a pervading smell of blood as it seemed to be everywhere from the blood ground to the people that had blood splattered and soaked clothes.




     Byron happy to be getting a head



Sharp machetes and knives are used in the killing, skinning, cutting and chopping process. It took us about two hours to negotiate a price, get the animal cut up and put into a sack. This of course includes the head and the feet. The skin goes somewhere else.



When I arrived at the office, Junior was here and he immediately raised up his nose and asked, “Where have you been, I smell dead goats, pigs, and cows.” I wondered while I was there if the people who make a living there ever stop smelling like dead animals. Junior didn’t mention the one skinned cat that I saw.



Tomorrow at about 2:00 in the afternoon several dozen people will gather together for a delicious Haitian meal. I already know that the smell of the food will make the experience of buying the beef, a distant memory.



John McHoul

  1. Kristen says:

    EWW!! No wonder Beth is going vegetarian!

  2. John says:

    It is amazing how good the cow tasted the next day after he was all cook. Yes, head and all.

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