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The gasoline shortage continues and for a couple of days I was not able to find diesel, but today I was able to find a station that had diesel and I filled up my pickup truck. Let me assure you that it is no easy thing to wait in a Haitian line trying to get next to the gas pump. It has always reminded me of a bowl of spaghetti. It is hard to know which of the ten lines protruding out from the gas pumps at various angles will actually get you next to the pump where you may be able to get fuel. It is quite possible, as I have more than once done, to be in a line for a few hours and not have the line move even one car length.


I’m now trying to find a gas cap for my truck as somehow the one I had has disappeared. I have been to 5 auto parts places but so far with no success.


Recently I read this haunting question posed by Jesus to Philip, only I put my name in Philip’s place. “Jesus said him, ‘Have I been with you so long, and yet you have not known Me, Philip?” John 14:9


clip_image002I have been reading LETTERS from the WHITE MAN’S GRAVE: Pioneering on the Medical Missionary Frontier by Dr. Hugh L. Maclure. He served in Africa as a medical missionary from 1941 to 1991. I get tremendous inspiration from reading about the earlier missionaries.


He writes on page 68: “Until we build a dispensary, we are using the garage as an emergency operating room for some cases. This throws our three children into close contact with surgery, a form of entertainment tailor made for boys…Last week we found Jonathan outside the operating room attempting cataract extractions on a dead rat. We told him that nice little boys don’t act like that so the next dead rat had its ears amputated instead. While he’s engaged in his medical training, we at least know that he’s not taming a *black mamba or counting *driver ants.”


* Black Mambas are Africa’s most dangerous and feared snake. Their poison can kill any living creature.


*The driver ant is one of the African rainforest’s most aggressive life forms. During the rainy season, armies of driver ants move in columns of up to 20 million across rain forest floors at the rate of 65 feet an hour in search of prey: millipedes, spiders, beetles, but also anything that gets in their way, including reptiles and small mammals. Soldier ants protect the column by standing to one side with their jaws open. A driver ant’s jaws are so strong that some forest inhabitants use them to close wounds.


Do you know that this message is illegal in 52 countries?






Pray for the persecuted church.






  In just a few minutes I will walk out of the office and go downstairs where we will be having, at the Women’s Center, our second class of literacy students’ graduate. For those of us who learned to read and write when we were very young, it is hard to imagine what it is to be an adult and not be able to read and write. These graduates worked hard and now they have reaped the rewards of that work: They can read and write. Each graduate received a certificate and a Creole Bible.









John McHoul

  1. Christine says:

    Congratulations, ladies!!

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