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The shortage of gasoline continues, thus making it a challenge for us to get some things done. Junior, my assistant, who does the Haitian paperwork side of the adoptions is struggling to get around via taptaps or taxis as there are much less of them on the road due to the gasoline shortage. When he is able to find one he discovers that the price for the ride as risen dramatically as many of the drivers are buying their gasoline on the street in gallon jugs at INFLATED prices. The vehicle Junior drives is our only gasoline vehicle.


As so often is the case here in Haiti, we are not really certain why there is a gasoline shortage. We are able to find diesel which most of our vehicles use and all of our generators use, which is good since we have not had city power for over 24 hours. So we are running the generator so that we can have electricity and so that we can charge up the battery bank so when we shut off the generator or when we have no city power, we can have electricity.


In the area in which we live there are lots of mosquitoes so having fans at night to keep them from sucking your blood and also depositing little malaria parasites is a good thing. I have had malaria 17 times and don’t like it.


Last night or I should say early this morning at about 3:00 AM our battery bank did run out of juice and then the mosquitoes started to do some dive bombing. The Haitian mosquitoes are small and sneaky. Sometimes we will have people stay with us who don’t put anti mosquito stuff on their arms and when they wake up the next morning they have several mosquito bites. The mosquitoes do seem to love FRESH MEAT to sup on.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading LETTERS from the WHITE MAN’S GRAVE by Dr. Hugh L. Maclure. He in a letter to his brother writes, “For us both, being a Christian is to be drenched in joy, as C.S. Lewis would say, and it’s impossible to dry out after such a soaking.”


I have just started A VOICE FROM HOME by Rich Stevenson.


YOUTH RETREAT: We have about 32 teens and 11 adults from our church, Port-au-Prince Fellowship, that will be going on a youth retreat this weekend. Please if you would remember these teen and the chaperons in prayer. We are endeavoring to invest into the lives of the young people.


LITERACY: Beth and I tried to home school our daughter Morgan but we soon realized that it wouldn’t work. If we started later than nine in the morning, then we would lose motivation. If we left the room for a minute, she thought that it was vacation time and she would be out the door playing with the neighborhood kids. But I do remember the first time that she was able to read a three word sentence. I thought of this as last week we had several ladies graduate from our second literacy class. What a wonderful accomplishment as these ladies pushed aside fear of thinking that they couldn’t do it or embarrassment because they couldn’t read or write. BRAVO LADIES.


John McHoul


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