Posted: January 19, 2009 in Uncategorized

Beth comes home tomorrow after being in the States for several days. Beth and Tara Livesay frequent miled it to Phoenix, Arizona, where they met up with Lisa Buxman and where they all together ran in a half marathon to celebrate Lisa’s 50th birthday. It would never ever occur to me to run in a marathon for anyone’s birthday or actually to run one at all.

So Beth comes home tomorrow and I am trying to make preparations for her arrival. I, tomorrow, will plug in the water cooler, so that there is cold water. When she’s not here, I just unplug it. I would maybe clean the little ice maker as the water reservoir becomes greenish because I don’t use it, except that it is broken, so that is off the list.

I have checked under the bed for food and candy wrappers, and for dishes and plates and put them in the sink. I have also started to gather up my clothes that I just kind of threw in various places while she was away.

Looking in the clothes hamper I noticed that in the five days that she has been gone, I have thrown a grand total of two articles of clothing in the hamper. One is a t-shirt type thing and the other is something else.

The clothes that were strewn around I have gathered up and I have now hung them back up and stuffed others in drawers. If I don’t do this Beth will decide to wash them even though I assure her that they are not dirty.

I can almost recite the scene as for almost 35 years it has been played out just about daily. “John, are your pants dirty?” she will ask. “No”, I reply. “Yes they are” she will say and then in the laundry they go. I ,dozens of times, have had to fish out of the hamper of dirty cloths (not mine) to put on the clothes that I want to wear for the day.

She then may bring up that last year when we visited our kids in Florida for a few days, that I did not change clothes even once. I then will tell her that I did nothing to get dirty and so did not see a reason to change. IT AMAZES ME THAT SHE CAN’T SEE THIS.

I am kind of thinking that I may have a problem because of the two articles of clothing in the hamper. I have decided to do something about this and so I have taken the t-shirt out and stuffed it into a drawer and left just the other one in the hamper. I don’t want Beth to think that after 35 years she is finally wearing me down.

John McHoul

  1. Unknown says:

    I thought I smelled something in the truck yesterday. Have you bought food for the dogs yet? You said \’t-shirt type thing\’, but I believe the proper word is \’thingy\’.

  2. John says:

    Actually I have a bunch of old nasty bread that I have been saving that I will give to the dogs to bloat them up so they don\’t look emaciated. I will give it to them shortly before Beth arrives. How can a 200 pound dog look skinny? I don\’t miss the days of trying to keep the kids healthy while Beth would be away. Noah looked kind of like a street waif today. Good thing your kids come to my office for candy and soft drinks and thingys like that.

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