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Monday, the generator fix it guy removed and took away the two heavy pieces of the generator that burnt up. He told me that he will have the generator working again in six days. So today, this morning, I went to give him the money to get the windings rewound and he told me that for about $150.00 more I could actually get a complete set already wound and so I gave him the money and he said that he will be by at 3:00 this afternoon, which is about 3 hours ago to fix the generator.


I have not seen him but I did talk to him on the phone and he gave a lot of reasons why he hasn’t shown up, none of which hold water. He said that he will come tomorrow. I’m thinking maybe.





So we still have no city power and unless we get some we as last night will battle the mosquitoes as there will be no power to run the fans to blow the mosquitoes away. Beth told me that the power came on today for bout 10 minutes and then POW, it went off.


When I was 16 I worked at Burger King. I liked working there and ever since a Whopper has been my favorite food. After a shift of work and not wanting to go home to take a shower to wash away the whopper smell that would get on ya, I would liberally splash some of the HAI KARATE aftershave stuff on me. That way I could smell like a Whopper seasoned with Hai Karate. When I douse myself with the deet filled mosquito spray it reminds me of my Hai Karate days. I have had malaria 17 times and I for sure don’t want it again.



I do use hot sauce on almost everything I eat and I’m thinking that should help keep the mosquitoes away. It sure seems better that eating garlic every day to ward off the world’s diseases. I like garlic a lot but I don’t want to smell like a walking sack of garlic. The Hai Karate could maybe work, but I don’t know if they still sell it and I’m thinking that Beth would prefer the deet juice or garlic smell to the fine scent of Hai Karate.


I know that you can buy a little thing that makes some type of noise that is suppose to keep the mosquitoes away and I have seen visitors with the little noise making device strapped around their necks like a religious medal. I don’t think that the noise it makes works with the Haitian mosquitoes. In fact here it may actually attract the little creatures.


The food in the fridge is starting to smell. Maybe I can find some old Hai Karate to splash on it.


So in about one hour the night will be upon us but I’m sure that we will be able to locate one another just by sniffing out the scent of the Hai Karate, I mean the mosquito spray.



John McHoul


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