Posted: February 4, 2009 in Uncategorized


Last night, I wrote that the generator fix it guy said that he would be by at 10:00 this morning to fix the generator. I admit that I doubted that he would be by at 10:00 and so I was pleased that he called me at 9:00 to tell me that he was at my house. I felt kind of bad that I doubted him.


So I left the office and arrived at my house just a few minutes after 9:00. He told me that he couldn’t fix the generator since the two parts that burned are not in stock at the dealership where we got the generator four years ago. He showed me a receipt type paper from the dealership that shows that the cost of the two pieces which we can’t find come to a third of the cost of what we paid for the generator. At least he came before 10:00. I’m not too concerned about the cost of the parts since the pieces are not available. So that is that.


We will continue to look for someone who can fix the generator and get it working again. Maybe I’ll ask one of the nannies or come to think about it, maybe one of our brilliant kids in the crèches.


The good news is that we as I type have city power and so the batteries are getting charged up and last night we had city power for about three hours.


Making the best of a longer than thought it would be fix.


I just finished the line above and POW our electricity went out and the batteries did not kick in. Going out to the battery bank, I saw that one of the battery posts that I had the battery fixer guy repair two days ago has simply broken off and so we now have zero power once again in the house. I have sent for the battery fixer guy and hopefully he will be here soon as it is getting dark.


John McHoul


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