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Sunday was a rare quiet day for us. Normally every day is active and busy but Sunday was quiet. I could maybe like this.

Troy Livesay was the messenger at church and he spoke on the church being the bride of Christ and what kind of bride we should be. It is good stuff that touched this old heart and makes me hunger to be a bride that is pleasing to Him.

We still have Kelley, the girl from Australia, with us, and her thoughts have been toward home as devastating bush fires are raging near where she grew up and where her parents still live. We, today, prayed for Kelley in church and ask that you as well would remember her, her family and those who have lost homes and loved ones in the fires.



LARRY ____________






Larry, our newest male mastiff, named after the now deceased Christian rocker, Larry Norman is to say the least a pest. While we named him Larry, he generally is called by other names such as: “Larry Go” or “Larry Stop It” or “Larry Give Me That” or “Larry don’t do that” or “Larry knock it off” or “Larry leave Maguire (our biggest dog) alone.”

It took Beth several years to wear me down so that the dogs could sleep inside at night. They sleep in our bedroom and certainly make their presence known. Besides just being there, they seem to love sleeping in doorways and of course they can snore like chainsaws. When she is out of the country, the herd is out of the house at night.








Last night we had Ann Christine, a friend that we have not seen for several years, over for dinner. Ann Christine is a retired Salvation Army officer, from Norway. She spent dozens of years in Haiti before leaving several years ago. She is an inspiration to us and I felt that we were in a holy place when she prayed before we ate. She told us that after she returned to Norway that she had a 15 minutes audience with the Norwegian king, just the two of them together in a room. She as well received a medal from the king during a public ceremony honoring her for her many years of service to the underdeveloped world. She is just so unassuming and humble about it all.


We are so blessed to be able to live here and to have before us examples of so many that are living their lives as an offering to God and to others.


John McHoul


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