Posted: February 11, 2009 in Uncategorized
On the rooftop

Tuesday mornings have become a special time as several men meet starting at 8:00 AM for prayer on a rooftop in Port-au-Prince.  A few weeks ago, Dave, a brother who flies for the UN, suggested that we meet together for prayer.  So we have been doing that and today seven men met together on a rooftop to pray for each other and for the others as well.  Dave, who initiated this prayer time will be leaving us on Saturday for about one month in Canada and then to his next flying assignment.  He could end up in Nepal or the Ivory Coast or Afghanistan or back in Haiti.  He would like to be back in Haiti and we would like that as well.

Received this note with a $5.00 donation:

 "Dear Friends, I went on a mission trip to
Haiti a few years back.  It was a wonderful experience.  However, I
feel younger ones can do better so I’m trying to help with the
“widow’s mite”.  May God bless you in your work for the
Lord.  Sincerely,  DH –  P.S.  I’m 90 years old!"

Received this e-mail from a pastor in Australia in response to my e-mail telling him that we are praying as they are very close to the recent fires:

"Thanks John. We appreciate that so much.
It has been a tragedy of enormous proportions and most of
it right around us to the north for a distance of about 30 miles.  Nearly
200 dead at this stage – some 1000 homes gone – four towns no longer
The fires to the north and east of us are being pushed away but that all can change on Friday when the winds are predicted
to come from the north again. 
So for now it’s helping those affected, praying for rain
and building fire breaks
Everyone we know personally is safe but property
You guys are not strangers to tragedy so we thank you for
thinking of and praying for us."
J & J

John McHoul


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