Posted: February 14, 2009 in Uncategorized
FEBRUARY 14, 2009

Tomorrow is church.  I must admit that maybe I think about it more than I should or on the other hand maybe I don’t think about it enough.  I guess the main thing is that we, all of us involved in church, don’t want it to be a routine or just show business. 

Our church, Port-au-Prince Fellowship has a lot of musicians and our music, which is not always the same as worship or praise, is good.  I know from being close to the worship people and musicians that they want more than music and singing.  They want a genuine, reverence stirring, soul searching, God filled experience.  It is so easy to just do our thing and perhaps not even think that God may want to do more in our service.

I must admit that every Sunday after service and after the people that have come for after church dinner leave for home, I almost always say to Beth, “Church was good today.”   “________did a great job leading worship.”   “__________ did a good job speaking today.”   Beth will usually say something like, “Yeah, it was good, we are blessed to have such a church and such wonderful people.”  And I’ll again say, “Yeah, church was good.”  And then I will wonder what that means.



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