Posted: February 20, 2009 in Uncategorized
I am a bit concerned that life is getting too easy for Beth and perhaps she is getting a bit spoiled.
Maybe I’m looking at it kind of screwy but here is how I see it.

First: Last month her car had a major overhaul and now she does not break down daily.

Secondly:  The kitchen and bathroom sink, which are connected to the same drain pipe, now drain after what she says is one year of being clogged.  I think that she is exaggerating and that it was only about 8 months.  So now the water does not have to be scooped from the sinks and thrown outside.

Thirdly: A new deep well pump has been installed so now we actually have water that comes out of the spigots.  It had been broken for a while and water would have to be brought here in big buckets.  In my mind there is nothing like bathing from a bucket.

Next:  We have had our inverter battery bank fixed, so we now have power when we are on blackouts unless the blackouts are real long, like the one that we have been in for 28 hours.

Next: We have another generator that gives power when the batteries are depleted due to prolonged blackouts, and are now in a 28 hour long blackout.


Natacha is a woman in the Women’s Program that is being helped with housing.  For the cost of about $500.00 usd she now has shelter for herself and for her two children and for the child that she is pregnant with.
She now has a place where she can feel secure and not vulnerable to men who will promise to help her, but who want something in return.  And then their helping spirit wears off after several days.
What a blessing it is for us to be able to help some who have no place to call home.

I just checked in on the literacy class and what a joy it is to see a group of ladies learn to read and write.   Two of our nannies are in this class and that makes me real glad.

John McHoul

  1. Tim says:

    Maybe you could take up the accordion or drums…that could cure her of feeling spoiled.

  2. John says:

    I was thinking of perhaps cooking with charcoal inside the house.

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