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It is 6:22 in the morning and I just received a call from a lady from our church, that told me last night at 11:00 her cousin was kidnapped right in front of his house.  Please pray for this man, his family and for the kidnappers.


I’ve been reading Exodus, the second book in the Bible, and in chapter 20 we have the account of God giving Moses the 10 Commandments and then He does a show and tell by displaying some of His awesome power.  He brings forth thunder, loud blasts of horns (I can’t wait to see God’s orchestra), and smoke.  The people of Israel were afraid and they trembled and stood at a distance. 
Now in the midst of all this awesome stuff we read in Exodus 20: 21: AS THE PEOPLE STOOD IN THE DISTANCE, MOSES ENTERED INTO THE DEEP DARKNESS WHERE GOD WAS.
What an amazing contrast!   There is so much more to God than show and tell.  There is so much more that displays of power.  Those things are great and what a super thing it is to witness the mighty displays of God.  BUT I WONDER IF WE REALLY GET TO HIM KNOW HIM WHEN WE ARE IN THE DARK PLACE.   THINK ABOUT IT.

Today is the first day of Carnival here in Haiti, although for the past couple of weeks there have been parade type things where people kind of march along playing music, dancing and making noise.  Some of these are voodoo things and others are people getting together to make noise, play music, and some to do some drinking. 
Tonight at church, we will be showing a DVD and tomorrow from Noon to 7:00 we will have activities such as soccer, basketball, games, music, and worship. 

This morning I have an Elders’ meeting at church where we, among other things, will look at how to resolve our overcrowding problem.  The place that we meet can hold about 250 people squished in, but we at times have almost 400 people and so we have a space problem.  None of us really want to add another service but… If you think about it we could use your prayers for wisdom as we decide what to do.

UPDATE: I recently wrote about the 15k matching grant for the Women’s Program that we have been approved for; but we have to raise 15k and then we will be granted the 15k matching grant. We, as of a few days ago, had raised $2195.00.   You can help by clicking on this link A GREAT OPPORTUNITY and giving to this worthy cause.    THANK YOU!

I just received a call from another family member of the man that has been kidnapped.  He told me that there has been no news from him or from the kidnappers.

Please Pray,




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