Posted: February 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

➢    MAN KIDNAPPED: A few days ago I wrote about the man who was kidnapped a few miles from where we live.  The kidnappers began by asking $300,000 dollars Haiti which is about $37,000 US dollars.  They since have dropped the amount to $150,000 Haitian dollars.   PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS MAN, FOR HIS FAMILY, AND FOR THE KIDNAPPERS.

➢    15K MATCHING GRANT:  We now have about 5k toward the 15k matching grant that we have been awarded.  Once we reach 15k we will be able to receive the 15k matching grant.  We are thankful for your generosity and faithful prayer.  This grant is for the Women’s Program, which is truly touching lives.  Yesterday at the pre-natal clinic one of the new ladies in the program tested HIV positive; she will be retested in several days.  Thank you for being the hands of Jesus to so many that you do not know and perhaps here on earth will never meet.

➢    RAINY SEASON: It could be the rainy season, as it has rained the past three nights.  This morning as Dan and I were going to meet someone for prayer, we were amazed at how much water, mud, trash, and debris covered the roads.  The rainwater quickly fills up the plastic and trash filled drains and then it flows onto the streets.  It then means slow going as the vehicles have to go around all the debris and as people walking try to get as little mud on them as possible.  I THINK THAT IT IS THE RAINY SEASON!

➢    PRAY: On Friday mornings Dan and I go to a place where they make caskets to pray with a guy who works there.  This guy spent several years in lock up in the States and eventually was deported back to Haiti.  He has been in court or I guess the lawyer that represents him has been in court as this guy can’t travel to the States because he will be again detained.  
He now has a choice to make: he can return to the States to continue his case but he will have to go into lock up while there and if he loses he will be deported.  If he stays here, it seems, that the case can’t go on.  He as we were talking before we prayed said, “I would cry but I have no more tears to give.”
Please pray for this man as he struggles with what to do.

John McHoul


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