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RAINY SEASON / REVIVAL: It is the rainy season.  I know this because it, for the past several evenings, has been raining.   I remember years ago that I went to a church that would plan a couple of one-week revivals twice a year.  I wonder if it works that way with God.  It seems that you know that you are in revival when you are in revival.    I recall the words of an African pastor who said, “The problem with some churches in that they plan revival, here in Africa, we agonize revival.

TIME CHANGE:  I received an e-mail reminding me that this Sunday we do the “spring forward” time change thing.  It has been several years since Haiti has done the time change thing.  This is really good for those of us who have watches where you push the little buttons to change the time; and who can’t quite push the buttons in the right sequence to adjust the time.  I know people who can’t get the little alarm to turn off and they certainly don’t know how it got turned on.  My own alarm in my little button watch goes off each morning at 3:00 and that how it has been since I have had it.  I kind of like it and wouldn’t change it if I could.

KIDNAPPING UPDATE: The cousin of our friend who was kidnapped about 11 days ago is still being held by the kidnappers.  The family isn’t saying much but there are negotiations going on and in most past kidnapping cases the kidnappers settle for about 10 percent of the amount that they had asked for.  Please pray for the man who has been kidnapped and for his family and for the kidnappers.

MATCHING GRANT:  We have now raised a little over $6000 toward the $15,000 that we need to receive the matching grant for the Women’s Program.  You can give to this by going to our website www.heartlineministries.org and going to the Women’s Program and clicking on “Donate.”  THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!

DO YOU KNOW that 2009 marks the 20th year that we have lived in Haiti?

John McHoul


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