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MARCH 7, 2009

COLD STREAK:  I’m not exactly sure what the temperature has been for the past few nights, but I do know that we have slept with a sheet over us.  People that visit, often ask, how hot it gets in Haiti or how cool it gets.  These are questions that I am never able to answer, as I don’t pay attention to the exact temperature.  So I always say, “I don’t know” or “Hot, hotter, and more hot.”  It seems that the longer I live here, the more often I answer question by saying, “I don’t know.”  If visitors really want answers for many of their questions, they should ask someone who has only been here a few months or even someone who doesn’t live here or who has read a book or two about Haiti.  They generally have answers when I don’t.

KIDNAPPING UPDATE:  I have been asking you to pray for the cousin of a lady from our church, who has been kidnapped.  He was snatched in front of his house on February 22nd at 11:00 PM.  A few days later a ransom demand of 300K Haitian (37.5K USD) was phoned in by the kidnappers.  That later was dropped to 150K Haitian.  On Monday, March 2nd a payment of 50K Haitian was made in a dark alley in the city, but as of last night nothing has been heard from the kidnappers.
I was told by one of the family members that one of the kidnappers apologized and said that they are not bad people and if they were they would have killed the man.  He said that they have no jobs and no money and so they kidnap people to provide for their families.
Please continue to pray for the man kidnapped, for his family and for the kidnappers.

MOON SANDALS:  Beth just came into the room and asked me my shoe size.  I didn’t want to tell her, because it means that she is trying to order something that goes on my feet that I most likely will not want.  My birthday is coming up and she told me that she wants to order sandals for me.  I immediately asked, “Why?”  I have several pairs of sandals that I already wear and consider as traveling friends.  I have a few flip flops that serve me quite well and some other sandals that serve their purpose.She wants me to wear some fancy sandals like our friend Troy has.  I’ve never said this before, but I think that his sandals are funny looking.  They kind of look like what someone would wear if they were to walk on the moon.  So why would I want “moon sandals” when my plastic, normal looking sandals work just fine? 
Think about it: Why would I wear sandals that may no longer be in style in a couple of years when I can wear flip flops that have been around and in style for years.


Pictured left are my tried and true sandals and pictured right are the sandals that Beth wanted to get me.  And so now you can see why I don’t want or need new sandals.

John the fashion plate. Hot

  1. Tara says:

    John, I am certain that most first and second time visitors *CAN* tell you everything about Haiti…. I have watched them do it a number of times. You make me laugh.You can only hope to be as cool as Troy and have moon sandals some day.

  2. Tim says:

    Send them to me John, I\’ve read a book or two about Haiti…Also, would you wear the new sandals if they made them in pink like the ones you\’re wearing? I think your objections are just a cover up for your love of pastel colors.

  3. John says:

    Tim, get in line behind the others who covet my hot pink flip flops. Tara, is "cool"the same as geeky."

  4. Kristen says:

    John, my four-year-old Jafta has those exact sandals on the right. My two-year-old daughter has pink flip-flops like yours. I\’m not sure what that might tell you. Maybe you need some good Rainbows in a tan color??Kristen

  5. John says:

    It may mean that I can relate to your two year old and Jafta has already passed me on by.

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