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Several weeks ago I wrote about the questions that many people ask us when they first visit Haiti. 

Questions such as:

1, Who owns the chickens, cows, goats, pigs, horses and donkeys that can often be seen just wandering around homeless and ownerless. 

ANSWER: I don’t know.


2, Where are all the people that clog the streets going?

ANSWER: I don’t know


3, How much does Maquire , our largest Mastiff weigh?

ANSWER:  Beth says that he weighs 240 pounds but I don’t know how she knows that.  How in the world do I know how much he weighs.  He is so big that Dan Lynch calls him "TRUCK."  He weighs a lot; I do know that he weighs a lot.


4, How do we find the children that enter Maranatha Children’s Home.

ANSWER:  Various ways and now let me tell you about Shivenson, our newest child and how he came to enter MCH.





  Pictured left is Shivenson, born on February 4, 2009, being held by his 13 year old mother and next to her is  her aunt, who tried to get us to believe that she was actually her mother.


A few weeks ago, a man that lives behind one of the children’s homes asked if we would consider taking an infant boy born to a 13 year old girl.  He told me that the baby was with the grandmother and that the mother was out in a village area.  So we made arrangements for the man to bring the baby and grandmother to the children’s home so that we could check out the situation.




And so a few days later they come to the children’s home and the grandmother tells us that they would like for us to take the baby since she has no resources to care for him and clearly the 13 year old can’t either.  We explained that we will need documentation and that we will have to see the birth mother.  Well the grandmother said she would get the mother into Port-au-Prince but that her paperwork , such as her birth certificate was lost.  We continued to insist that we needed paperwork and eventually the grandmother agreed to go and look herself, but clearly she did not want to do so.  I gave her money for the bus trip and for some food and we made an appointment to see her again in four days.


And now we begin to get to the truth which is what we hope to achieve by dragging out the process.  The woman claiming to be the grandmother now admits that she is really the aunt and that the real grandmother is herself 8 months pregnant and is extremely angry at her 13 year old daughter.  Now she told us this because she knew that we would find it out when we received the birth mother’s birth certificate which was not lost, but she told us that it was lost because we would then see that she is not listed as the mother on the birth certificate.  


So she traveled and brought back the documents on the 13 year old mother and the documents on her father and mother as well. We will have the REAL grandmother come into Port-au-Prince after she gives birth to her child and then we will start the legal proceedings in the courts to have the REAL grandmother and grandfather appointed as the legal guardians of Shivenson and they then will be able to sign the documents allowing Shivenson to be in our care.


When we finally did meet the 13 year old birth mother, I asked her the name of the infant boy.  She said that he didn’t have a name although he was at this time about one month old.  The aunt said that we could name him but we didn’t.  Finally last week we agreed to take the boy and we of course had to have a birth certificate made and so we told that mother what name should be on the birth certificate and she then gave him the name "Shivenson."  I not sure why it matters but in my mind it matters big time that the 13 year old birth mother named her son and that he wasn’t named by someone else.


Shivenson’s is fitting right into the children’s home and he, of course, is loved by all the nannies. 


Please pray as we look to the Lord for His plan for this infant boy that God has allowed to come into our care.


John McHoul


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