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INTRODUCING our new website dedicated to the sale of purses Hand Made in Haiti by the Women’s of Heartline Ministries Sewing Program.  Check it out:



  •   PEOPLE AREN’T DYING:  Last week Dan Lynch and I met for prayer with a man that is a salesman for a company that sells caskets.  While we were sharing requests, we asked him how he was doing and if things were going well at the factory.  He said that he had visited with with several clients and that they were complaining that people aren’t dying like they used to.  We prayed for him and the company but resisted praying that more people will die.  
  • NOBODY SHOT ME:  I’m not sure why, but the other day I was reading about the life of the infamous gangster Al Capone and  about the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre that took place on February 14, 1929 in Chicago.    Some of Capone’s men dressed up as police with the plan of detaining and then killing several rival gang members.  Going into a garage where the gang members were stacking boxes of liquor, Capone’s men, some dressed in police uniforms told the gangsters to get up against the wall and they, thinking that they were being arrested, obeyed.  Capone’s men then took out their machine guns and shot all seven men.  When the real police arrived they found six men dead and one, Frank Gusenberg, alive with 22 bullet wounds in him.  A Sergeant Sweeney asked him, "Who shot you." and Gusenberg replied, "No one –nobody shot me," whispered Gusenberg.  He died a short time later.  This has to be one of the classic denial statements.
  • THE ADVIL /BENGAY GANG of motorcycle riders will, Lord willing, be taking another trip together this Saturday.  Six or seven of us will be going a couple of hours out of the city to visit with Davis Zachary who, with his daughters, and others is touching hundreds of lives a day in their rural clinic.  Zach will have lunch for us and we will have a time of prayer as Zach leaves next week for the States to raise funds.  
  • RECENTLY I watched the DVD "MOST" and will probably show it in church next month.  It is worth seeing.
  • OUR CHURCH, PORT-AU-PRINCE FELLOWSHIP,  had an attendance high 400 people this past Sunday.  About 300 were inside and about 100 sat and stood outside.  If you are visiting Haiti, and are free on a Sunday, come and visit us.  A couple of weeks ago, a visitor told me that he comes to Haiti once a year and coming to PAPF is the highlight of his trip.

John McHoul


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