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This past Saturday five of us headed out on a motorcycle ride to visit fellow missionary and good friend Zack, who lives in a village named Cazale. There he and his daughters are doing a fantastic work for the Lord through the clinic that they run.


There was to be a sixth rider but Dan Lynch, while on his way to my house from his house which is less than a mile away, got run off the road and into what we used to call the car catcher but sometimes now call the Dan catcher.


The plan was to meet at my house and leave for the ride at 8:00. We waited for Dan until 8:10 and then prayed and headed off to his house to see if we could find him. We had only ridden for about one minute when we saw him on the side of the road pushing his motorcycle back toward his house. Pulling up next to him I asked if he had run out of gas and he in turn said somewhat loudly, “Do I look like I ran out of gas?” It was then that I saw the blood on his arm and saw that he was soaking wet even though it hadn’t been raining.


We followed him to his house which was only a couple of minutes away by the speed of a pushed motorcycle by a bloodied up, soaking wet, covered with stuff that came from the car catcher man. When we arrived Sheila, Dan’s wife, came out of the house with her camera and she was laughing uncontrollably. She started taking pictures of Dan while laughing. She must have one of those anti shake thingies on her camera; otherwise I don’t know how she could have taken a good picture as she certainly wasn’t standing still.


Ted Hojara and I went onto the front porch where Dan was sitting with his shirt off as he was checking out the damage. The three other moto riders thought that it would be better to stay outside on the street.


Dan told us that a another motorcycle rider pulled in front of him and Dan almost got around him but instead the took a full dive into the car catcher. I suppose that it was good that it rained hard the night before because it filled up the car catcher with water; otherwise he would have landed in the muck that sits in the Dan catcher. Now think about what goes in the car catcher: Trash, animal feces, people pee in it, garbage, dead dogs and well you get the point.


Ted and I didn’t laugh, as we had already done that before we entered the yard. We did pray for Dan but we didn’t touch him while we prayed. After we prayed Dan started gagging because of the smell of the stuff in the car catcher that was on him. Now understand that Dan is kind of a Monk type of guy. He even folds his dirty clothes before putting them in the laundry.


Dan decided to forego the ride as he wasn’t sure how badly he had hurt his arm. Since Dan was the one who knew how to get to Zack’s and since now he wouldn’t be going, I called Troy Livesay and told him that Dan went in the car catcher and I asked him for directions. Troy’s first words were, “Is the motorcycle ok?” I told him that I thought so and then Troy asked about Dan.  Ted suggested we start calling Dan, Dan the Baptist, and I thought that Dan could be in charge of water baptisms.





The five remaining riders had a great time riding to Cazale and visiting Zack, who fed us a great lunch. He took time to show us around the village and he in his vehicle led the way as we went up the mountain on a new road that is being made across the mountain. The road is dirt and at places a bit rough and it did rain a bit so it was a tad slippery and hard to move at times. BUT IT WAS A BLAST!






Left to Right: Rod, Curt, John, Ted, Zack, Renald






We left for our ride at about 8:30 and returned home at about 3:30 PM. We are planning another ride in about three weeks.  This time we will meet at Dan’s house







A  view from the mountain road



John the Moto Rider.


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