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Recently I was given for my birthday this bag which I was told is a "Man Bag".  I brought it to the office the other day and it was then that I was told that it had been determined that it was too ugly to sell and so I was given it as a birthday gift.  I’m kind of thinking that I could auction it off with the funds going into our yet to be established but praying on it and planning for it MEN’S PROGRAM.
Come on wives or girl friends or daughters get it before the men in your life start bidding like wildfire.  Send in your bid for a handmade Man Bag or so I’m told.



Our Haitian Creations  website is still somewhat new and there have been a few bugs to work out.  Recently we had an inventory glitch so a nurse from Florida, who works with our daughter Morgan, also a nurse ordered a purse off of the website but it had actually already been sold.  We found this out while our daughter Morgan was here visiting.  We told her to select another one but Morgan said that her fellow nurse chose the purse because of the leopard type design.  It was then that Beth came to the rescue and went to her closet and gave her leopard type dress from which Mireille, shown above whipped out a purse which Morgan took home to her nurse friend.
I wasn’t around when this happen and with concern I asked Beth if it was the dress that I bought for her that she had cut up and I was starting to feel kind of hurt.  Beth assured me that it wasn’t a dress that I bought for her since I have never bought her a dress.   That made me feel better.

I for some reason have decided to start wearing a helmet when I ride the motorcycle.  I guess one of the reasons is because I am tired of not having a good answer when asked where is my helmet.  Chris and Bev Plourde brought me one a couple of years ago but I only wore it once.  Last night at about 11:00 I announced to beth that I would start wearing a helmet and I went and got to see if it fit as my head is kind of big (which Troy loves to tell me) and my hair is kind of long and bushy.  I saw that it is a XXL size helemt, which made me feel more like a big head person.  Beth wanted to know if I was going to wear the helmet to bed. 
Oh, that is Beth pictured above with the helmet on her smaller than mine head.

John McHoul
  1. Tara says:

    1. The only person I can think of that should carry a bag *that* unattractive would be a person with a large head. 2. I do not believe you are wearing a helmet. Troy said he noticed the tag inside and that it is an XXL … he took a photo of the tag to prove it. 3. I don\’t like that gory picture of Jesus.

  2. Kristen says:

    That purse looks like it will go perfectly with your pink flip-flops.

  3. John says:

    Kristen,I\’m thinking that perhaps people were less than gracious about my Man Purse when I broght it to the office, because I didn\’t have on my matching bright pinl sandals. Thanks for helping me see that.

  4. John says:

    Tara,1, Sadly I think that you may be correct. I expect to receive a bid on the bag from Troy today even though he has a smallish head.2, I have not yet actually worn the helmet while riding, but I did have it on for a bit when in bed the other night which is when I saw the XXL tag on the inside of the helmet. I immediately started making noise and asking why Chris and Bev would give me a helmet that is XXL. The next morning while I was still kind of feeling like a big head. XXL YIKES, well at least it isn\’t a XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL helmet.3, I don\’t like the gory picture either.

  5. Tara says:

    It was great seeing your big head today. later.

  6. John says:

    The pleasure as usual was all mine!!!!!

  7. sheila says:

    John: First of all – you are not allowed to re-gift this bag and second it was the bag that sent me over the edge resulting in "lessons in UGLY"…….

  8. John says:

    Re-gift, I looked to see if this is even a word and it isn\’t at least in dictionaries. I\’m kind of thinking that you have been out of Haiti for several days speaking, having meetings, traveling and so on. And so it may seem like a word to a weary, can\’t wait to back to Haiti person. So grace is given for thinking that "re-gift" is a word. But it could be a word in Minnesota. But calling the bag "ugly" now that really hurts.

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