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I been thinking about the captain of the cargo ship who surrendered himself to the Somalian hijackers so that his crew could be spared and how this is a good picture of what a pastor of a church should be like.  He should place others before himself.

We recently received this note from two children that gave $2.00 to Heartline Ministries:

“Deer orvnig (orphanage) heres some money to spend I hope you like it.  Let you know Gods with you.  to Haiti from Katrina and Jonthan.”

I have been reading the Christian classic IN HIS STEPS by Charles Sheldon.  It has been many years since I last read it and I am finding it challenging.  If you are never read IN HIS STEPS, I strongly encourage you to do so.


I have come across a couple of quotes that I want to share:

“There is a time when we must firmly choose the course we will follow, or the relentless drift of events will make the decision.”  ~ Herbert V. Prochnow

“Half the work that is done in the world is to make things appear what they are not.” ~ E.R. Beadle

I’ve been thinking that we should charge people to take a picture with our giant mastiff Maquire.  He must be the most photographed dog in all of Haiti.  Beth says that he is pictured in a lot of peoples Face Book thingy.  I don’t do Face Book and can’t even begin to imagine doing it.  

Yesterday, several men met on a rooftop as we do every Tuesday for prayer.  We are especially praying for the sister of one of the men who this past week tried to commit suicide by drinking anti-freeze.   This is not the first time that she has tried to kill herself.  Please join us in prayer as we pray for her.

John McHoul


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