Posted: April 20, 2009 in Uncategorized
Yesterday were the elections and all in all for the most part things were unusually quiet since the turn out of eligible voters was so low.  This partly was due to private and public vehicles not beig allowed on the road and also because people see no reason the vote in the senatorial elections since they see politicians as less than honest.

We have now gone about 48 hours with no city electricity.   Normally in times like this we run on inverters which inverts the DC current from the battery bank to AC household current.  And when the batteries get weak, we can start the diesel generator to send current into the house and to charge up the batteries.  This is how it normally works, but not today at the Women’s Center, where the Lynches also live and where we have an office.  Today we have initiated Plan B, which is to have no electricity  at all.  This is because:

  1. We have not had city power for almost 48 hours
  2. The diesel generator that we usually start in times like this has a problem and it is sending low, low, current into the house so that the lights are dim, motors run very slowly and some things won’t start.  THIS IS NOT GOOD.
  3. Since we have no city power and since the batteries are low and since the generator isn’t working, we have had to shut off the inverter so that there in no current coming into the house, or women’s center or the office.  So we essentially have shut down the office and we will wait for the city power to come on to put current into the house and to charge up the batteries.  We have called a guy to look at the generator and did come but without any tools or testers.  He is coming back later.   I told him that I had a rock, but he said that he needed more than that. There is still some juice left in the batteries, but we want that for the Lynches so that they can use fans to keep the mosquitoes from sucking them dry and to ward off the heat.

Interestingly, the guy who is is charge of the State run electric company lives close to the Women’s Center.  But I think of it like I do people who are into health food.  Most of the people who I know that are into health food look as if a slight breeze could knock them over.  When I tell them this, most will say, "Yeah, but imagine if I didn’t eat health food."  And so 48 hours isn’t so bad; imagine if the guy who runs the State run electric company didn’t live near the women’s center.
John (Looking for Plan C) McHoul


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