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 Generator Woes

We are still trying to get the generator fixed at the Women’s center.  It seems or appears that the piece that is causing the generator to not work properly has been identified but so far we can’t find a new one to replace the old on.  The current limped along last night as we fooled around with the phases to see if we could get some current in the house from the generator.  We were partially successful but the power was still way low.  The GOOD NEWS is that at about 5:22 this morning we received city power for the first time in three days; so the batteries are full and waiting for a "black out" as we say in Haiti.  We just lost city power as I was typing the previous line.

I finally realized why I keep my hair kind of long.  Some may say unruly, but they are usually the ones who are kind of bald.  You see Haiti has lots of sun and so I now realize that perhaps I subconsciously keep my hair long so that I won’t get head cancer.  The sun can’t penetrate my thick hair. 
The other reason that occurred to me just this morning has to do with our daughter Morgan, who wants me to get a tattoo for my birthday which was a couple of months ago. She even said that she will pay for it, which I would like to see.  So if I do it, I can get it on the top of my head and then it will be covered by all my hair.  I kind of think of it as an oldish man being cool.  Am I hearing some say, "Foolish."

Speaking of tattoos and I’m sure that I will hear about this from Beth but here it goes anyways.  Beth was with someone else here in Haiti and visiting a mission that is kind of conservative.  Some would say that they are out of step and others would say that they are holding the line while others who are not holding the same line have compromise.  I don’t know the answer to this.  I used to think that I did but realized, later than I should have, that I don’t know so many answers.  Well, Beth was asked by the lady from the other missions if she would allow people with tattoos to come on a group.  I can’t remember what Beth told me that she said, but whatever it was, it was said while Beth was pulling up the back of her shirt and letting down her hair to cover the tattoo on the back of her neck.

It was back in January that Beth asked if I would meet her in Tampa after the Boston Marathon and we could see our kids and grandkids.  Now I want to see them but I would like them to come here.  So I may have mumbled something like,  "Maybe" and now tomorrow I will be heading off to Tampa to see the kids with Beth.  It has been a year since I have been in the States and I will be glad to see the kids but would much prefer that they come to Haiti.  I will be traveling with a couple of t-shirts and shorts and two jam packed suitcases of purses that are for a purse party and to be sent for the Haitian Creations web site.

Disturbing Images

It has been raining lately and this has caused me to think about the destruction of recent storms in Haiti.  Click on the following link A People in Despair  and ask God how you can pray or help.

John McHoul

  1. Kristen says:

    Beth having a tattoo just makes me like her even more.

  2. Jared says:

    Hi John! Sorry to hear about the electricity. I will talk to Joel and keep that in our prayers. Myabe that is something that we could help with next time we visit? About your hair, I just assumed that you keep in long so that when you fall on your head, your hair will cushion the fall! PS. I\’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while now, just still deciding what it is going to be…

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