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Beth and I are still in Florida and enjoying our children and two grand daughters.  We this morning are going putt putt golfing with the girls and then to lunch.  I am not used to having so much "relaxing time" and I am finding it extremely stressful to be so relaxed. 

Although I am looking forward to spending a couple of hours browsing in a couple of book stores, an office supply store and maybe a hardware store type place.

Our kids have been great although they can be hard to understand.  The
other day I was with Sam, our son the chef, at the grocery store
looking for pepper corns and he took 5 minutes giving me a lesson on
pepper corns.  Morgan, our daughter the nurse, can’t say that she has
let’s say a cough, but rather she calls it by some technical, medical term.

FYI: I recently came upon what I think is a good internet site for Bible resource and study:  Check it out:

Now Reading:  I am reading SHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL by Lt Gen Romeo Dallaire, who was the Force Commander of the UN Assistance Mission to Rwanda, 1993-1994.   It is a disturbing book of nations and organizations putting their own interest over the lives of about 800 thousand people who were brutally killed in what has since been called genocide  (def-the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group);  And about the Canadian Commander who repeatedly tried to get the UN and other nations to stop it.

It is Friday afternoon and we are in the trailer where we are staying and Beth is packing supplies sent here for the Women’s Program and for the Children’s Home.  Then we will know how much space we will have to bring other supplies back to Haiti.

A lot of energy, thought, and time goes into buying and acquiring and bringing  bringing supplies back to Haiti.  

We received supplies that have to do with delivering babies.  Beth is on the floor telling and showing us the various positions that are good for giving birth.  It is a tad embarrassing.  I’m leaving the room.

Beth pictured about is checking out a pelvis model thing with a built in baby  which show baby delivery stuff.  She is super excited.

John McHoul

  1. Christine says:

    Holy hooch, Beth has the coolest toys!

  2. Pearson Family says:

    Call us if you need us to pack some items for you…we will have to ship the trampoline mat (probably through Casco, maybe through Agape), so we can add your stuff to that if need be.Tim

  3. John says:

    I think that we are all set. We will bring back 6 suitcases and two carry ons. Thanks for the offer.We used casco for a laser printer and it worked out well.Yea she has GREAT TOYS. The women will be facinated.

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