Posted: April 27, 2009 in Uncategorized
A NEW WORD:  I read a word that I had never seen before, but even though I had never seen it before, and I couldn’t find it in an online dictionary,  I immediately knew what it meant.  The word is “Familycide” and it is the word now being used to describe the killing of a whole family by let’s say a father and then he himself commits suicide.

People commit suicide, it is not uncommon, people do it for a number of reasons, but I cannot understand what compels a person to kill his or her own family.  I have a difficult time seeing how a parent could kill his or her young children.  People kill people and spouses kill spouses; we all know that and perhaps can even understand how that could happen.  But to kill your children and to eliminate their future, their lives is something that I cannot fathom.

When I think about familycide, I think about Jesus’ words in John 10:10: "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly” (NASB).

When I think about a whole bunch of stuff like: war, killing, drug, alcohol, and sexual abuse.  I think of John 10:10.  When I think of millions of people across the world living in abject poverty while millions of others live with excess, I think of John 10:10.  When I think of children dying because of hunger and treatable diseases, I think of John 10:10.  When I think of injustice…

Now I have lived in Haiti for twenty years and clearly I understand and have repeatedly seen that just throwing money at what is perceived to be the problem brings about little change.  It is like pumping air into a tire that has a hole in it.  The air won’t stay , the tire will not stay inflated and you won’t get very far if anywhere at all until the tire is flat and needs air again.  Imagine doing that day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year… It would be better to fix or even change the tire.

I strongly believe that it is the obligation of believers to help others in areas that have been labeled humanitarian but it is not this kind of help that will change hearts.  We in Mark 6: 12 (BBE) read:  And they (the apostles) went out, preaching the need for a change of heart in men. 

The gospel of Jesus Christ is what will change hearts and when hearts change there will be a change of character and when there is a change of character there will be a change of actions and with a change of actions there will be a change of results.

I recently read these words by newspaper columnist William Murchison who, referring to the condition of his particular denomination, writes,  "I’m too old, at 67, to be a pessimist; I’m more of an optimist. And I believe that God’s in charge — and he will take us through the trials of today, and he will bring his people where he wants them to be."

There is much to be done.  But God is up to the task. 

John McHoul


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