Posted: May 1, 2009 in Uncategorized
Our fridge died.  It wasn’t
much more than a breadbox anyway with the long blackouts we have here
in Haiti.  It went from cool to warm to hot.  We used it for
condiments, chocolate chips and food that doesn’t turn green in a
matter of days.

I admit it, we live in a cluttered house.  I long
for empty rooms with bare tables and order.  It has never happened and
probably never will.  But the 16 mustard jars that I took out of the
fridge today make me want to try.  I can justify two jars of mustard. 
One is special.  It was shipped to me from Ireland from my dear friend
Jenny Cobble.  Irish mustard is perfect for corned beef dinners.  Then
there is the yellow mustard that goes on hot dogs.  We have way too
many of those plastic bottles.  When did I buy them all?  Why?  Who
brought in all this mustard when I wasn’t looking?  How many cookouts
do we have a year anyway?  Two maybe.

is far more cluttered than me.  We have an occasional fight because I
want to clean his abandoned office and make it a sitting room.  He
panics when he thinks of me throwing his papers away.  The papers are
piled up and have dust on them but he will not give the go ahead on
cleaning out his old office.  It’s across the room from his motorcycle
that has to sleep in the house so it won’t get stolen.  How many other
grandparents have a motorcycle in their living room? 

Then there
is the matter of the DVD  player collection.  They keep breaking.  The
power surges and brown outs in Haiti make buying a new DVD player a
bimonthly event.  Most people would throw the old ones away.  Not
John.  He just puts the new one on top of the old ones and now we are
about 6 DVD players high.  He thinks they may work again someday and
refuses to throw them out.

there is the matter of our overstuffed bookshelf.  We had a visitor
recently who couldn’t stand it any longer and rearranged our books. 
They look very orderly now and I catch myself staring at such order. 
Why can’t the rest of my life be like my bookshelf?  Full of knowledge
and order.

My excuse for all this is a wonderful Scripture that I
have stenciled over our dining room wall.  "Where no oxen are the
manger stays clean".  Our manger is cluttered.  Our life is full and
cluttered.  We are busy.  I keep promising myself I will spend whole
days cleaning things out and it never happens.

I had a full day at
the women’s program today.  I left the 16 jars of mustard on the table
when I left this morning.  When I got home tonight – they were not on
the table.  They were in the new fridge – where they belong.

Beth McHoul

  1. Phil says:

    I would love to be there sometime to have some corned beef that you mentioned you would have with the Irish mustard. If God is willing some day I will get back to Haiti. That was a favorite of mine when I was growing up! Miss you guys and your beautiful country. Phil (from Canada)

  2. Kristen says:

    A full and cluttered life is a good life!

  3. John says:

    Kristen, good friend and buddy.Phil, the UN isn\’t the same without you here. You come and we\’ll provide the mustard and even the corned beef.Missing ya!

  4. Tara says:

    Some people collect stamps. Others collect coins, antiques, or baseball cards.The McHouls collect Mustard.

  5. Tara says:

    who is this no name?

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