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It has begun.  It will be a
good week for the dead in Haiti.  Their caskets will be comfy with all
the shredding paper that is going to happen on Monday.  John loves to
shred used paper and bring it to his buddies who make caskets.  Paper
props up the dead so they look their best at the viewing.  He will
often have a magazine or US newspaper in hand for the shredder as he
heads to the office.
Speaking of the office!  Monday is the day!  We
are so serious we might even paint!  The new fridge started the whole
deal.  The 16 jars of mustard shamed me into admitting my cluttery
household.  Last night I attacked the Tupperware cabinet with a
vengeance.  If the lid had duct tape on it, or if a bowl didn’t have a
lid, to the trash it went.  I felt free, empowered, lighter.  They are
stacked neatly, by size and each with its partner the lid.  When I walk
through the kitchen I peek in just to look at the order.  Something I
learned from the bookshelf experience.  I dare not pull out a book and
disrupt the order that a guest brought to it. 
Livesay has the neatest household of all us missionary folk.  She also
has the most kids.  How do you do it I ask?  The trash!  She fills it! 
So, on Monday morning after the run for energy and prayer Tara and I
will attack John’s old office which is off of our dinning room.  The
mess can be seen by all.  Papers thick with dust.  This morning Tara
and I stood in the doorway planning the attack and she picked up one
random paper – it was a voting notice from 2004.  John is doomed! 
broke the news to him.  The date is set, Monday morning the shredder
arrives from the new office and we go to work.  John has been
protesting, crying, wailing, fuming, threatening and bargaining.  It
won’t work.  We have too many visitors to count this summer and we need
the office space for a make shift bedroom.  Old computers will be
hauled out, file cabinets of junk will be heaved.  Papers will lift up
the dead.  It will be glorious!  We will be able to see the floor!  The
screen door that has been held shut by a file cabinet will be opened! 
will still walk around the motorcycle and 3 mastiffs will take up floor
space right in front of where you want to be but I still call this
We will certainly take pics of the ancient artifacts we find and report on how the day goes.  Pray for us!
Beth McHoul


I simply have not yet chosen who I will vote for so that is why I have the 2004 voter’s thing.
Secondly, it is wicked irritating when Beth and now her cohort Tara Livesay (Mother Superior 1&2) impose their compulsive disorders on me.  I mean if they had their way, there would be no antique shops, the Declaration of Independence and the Gettysburg address would have been chucked out with the dish water.  I called Tara’s husband Troy and asked him to speak to his wife.  I demeaned him but to no avail.  He just said that he was glad that it wasn’t him.

I AM CONFIDENT that most of you would not like it if someone threw out YOUR STUFF.  I would appreciate your support in this as a write in campaign may make take the wind out of the sails of Monther 1&2.  I mean normally don’t you wait until the person is dead before you throw out his stuff.



  1. Tara says:

    I am noticing it is EERILY quiet over here in the comment section. Not a lot of people showing their support to the pack rat. I would like to share with all of you that most of what we found was from 2004. We did find an EDH (electricity) bill from September 2001. I am so so so sure that John needed to hold onto that. We found other interesting things but I am saving the information for future use … AND – for the record. We gave in and let the baby have his way and did not throw out 90% of the stuff — it all got transfered to bins and moved to the depot out back. Mother Superior Deux

  2. John says:

    I have received several e-mails from supporters who are afraid to post and have their name publicly out there for fear of being ridiculed by the monkish type people. I, in my mind, stand vindicated.

  3. Tara says:

    "In your mind" Those are three key words.

  4. Tara says:

    why must you comment as "no name"?

  5. Tom says:

    Normall people do wait until the indivudual is dead before they junk the invaluable\’s. However, having watched you sleep on the floor, they may have mistook you for being dead when they decided to clean up the place. What I want to know is where is all the information from years other than 2004? It\’s not like you threw any of that away. And no, you do not have to bring up the fact that I misplaced a large sum of cash in one of your cabinents.

  6. John says:

    I am use to such weightless words from the uninitiated and shallow.

  7. Kristen says:

    I give my support to the Mothers Superior, and only wish I could be there to help. Purging is a beautiful thing.

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