Posted: May 19, 2009 in Uncategorized

Maguire is the biggest and
best behaved of all our dogs.  He has never been in the car and has
never been out of our gate since arriving as a 20 pound carry on 4
years ago.    The vet comes to our house for the yearly vaccinations. 
I tried once to take Maguire to the vet for a sore on his leg but
couldn’t get him into the car.  That was 100 pounds ago.  I took care
of him myself.
He is content.  He likes being home and he likes it
when we are home.  If we are out after dark I can tell he gets
nervous.  When we arrive home you would think we have been gone for a
month by all his loving head butts.   He sleeps on the floor by John’s
side of the bed.  That’s his spot.
Last year we brought in two
puppies from Vermont to make future mastiff families.  As if we need
more dogs.  Future!  Annie is a lovely one year old who recently went
into season.  Maguire woke from his slumber and decided he would like
to get romantic.  At first his panting didn’t bother me much.  When you
are his size being romantic takes a lot out of you.  But the panting
didn’t stop.  All night his breathing was labored and I’m thinking congestive heart failure.  This morning he was the same.  Incessant,
hard labored, pants.  I’m getting nervous. He wouldn’t eat – Maguire
always eats.   Keeping my cell phone nearby I’m ready to call John,
Dan, Troy and Byron to take this monster dog to the vet. 
sees my worry, senses I’m ready for tears and suggests she take Annie,
the object of his  desire to her house for a week or so.  A sleep over
with Peanut, their female mastiff.  I brighten – let’s get her out of
the house and deal with the sure to come heart attack.  Into John’s
truck we go with Annie and she’s off for her play date.  I get back home
worried about what to do with heart attack dog.  He’s sound asleep, breathing normally in his spot by John’s side of the bed.  He awakens,
goes and eats and goes back to sleep with  the rhythmic breathing of
No more romance for him!




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