Posted: May 21, 2009 in Uncategorized
While Beth and I were in the States Brenda Cooper, a friend, sent to us a dozen dark brown eggs which she said were from a French breed called Cuckoo Maran.  Traveling to Haiti with a dozen well wrapped eggs in my carry on was a challenge and the airport security folks at Tampa thought that they should have a look-see after they weren’t quite sure what they were seeing as the carry on went through the x-ray machine thing.  So out came the eggs and after a brief inspection I was able to stuff them back into my carry on.
Several weeks ago our daughter Morgan brought in an egg incubator and these eggs would be our first effort at hatching chicks.   Two of the eggs were cracked by the time we made it to Haiti but we on April 28th put the remaining ten eggs in the incubator and on May 18th I woke up early and checked on the eggs and there to my surprised sat a little chick peeping away.  Over the next day we had four more hatch and so now we have five chicks in a plastic bin with a bright light shining on them and they are peeping away.
Since Byron was a dairy farmer he is the designated expert on all of our non human friends here at Heartline.  He built the candle box so we could see if stuff was happening inside the eggs; he set up the bin thing and gave us instructions on how to care for the chicks. 
We are getting ready to try our hand at hatching chicks from the eggs of our sistas that provide eggs for our programs.



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