Posted: June 3, 2009 in Uncategorized
Well it seems that the weather has turned and it has gotten hotter.  We at our house do not have hot water and during the winter months the water does seem a bit chilly.  I told Beth yesterday that the cold water is no longer cold or maybe it’s just that it has gotten much hotter so the cold water now seems like warm water.  Maybe our bodies have become personal water heaters.
We have a/c in the office  which is good since it is like a sauna during the summer months.  We run the a/c when we have city power, but we have not had city power in our area for one week.  We can run the a/c on the generator which we do but we don’t like to run the generator a lot since it uses a bunch of diesel.  So we spend several hours a day in the sauna office.  It’s not all that bad since if we want to cool down we can step outside and stand under the hot Haitian sun for a while.

Monday morning I gave my truck and $500.00 to the mechanic who is fixing a bunch of stuff.  I haven’t heard fro him since but I’m not concerned as I know that he will contact me when he needs more money.  We have had an ongoing relationship for a number of years and I expect that it will continue for years to come.

We have had visitors for three weeks but after today we will be without visitors at our house until June 15th, when we have 30 visitors that will be with us.  We then will have a constant stream of visitors until the end of August.

Today is the day that we put about 24 eggs from our sistas into the incubator.  The 5 French type chickens are now about 2 weeks old and getting bigger and noisier.  Our 3 mastiffs would love to get their teeth into the 5 little one.  Beth would like me to move them since they are in a bin sitting on our bathroom counter.  Beth says that when she speaks to them that they recognize her voice and that they peep back. 

Good Stuff:  Who are those who fear the Lord?  He will show them the path they should choose. Psalm 25:12 NLT
                     Friendship with the Lord is reserved for those who fear him.  With them he shares the secerts of his covenant.  Psalm 25:14 NLT

John McHoul


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