Raining Rocks & Busy Days

Posted: June 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

The past couple of weeks have been marked by student demonstrations downtown and in front of some of the UN bases.  Junior a couple of times now has been caught in those demonstrations as he has been downtown working on adoption paperwork.  This week he found himself on a road going in one direction and then he suddenly sees a massive crowd running toward him and the rocks were flying.  The car in front of him got hit and Junior started yelling, "Peace, Respect, Honor" while making some kind of hand sign that the street or gang guys use.  He made it back without getting hit by rocks but he, this coming week, will have more chances to be rained on by rocks and to experience the burning of tear gas.

By Lisa Buxman

Another one of those wonderful ‘see God at work’ days! 

Went to mail left over stock of Haitian Creations purses to California; usually use the
same UPS store but for some reason went to a different one – the women helping
me (owner) asked me what I was shipping and I briefly told her about the
purses and Heartline etc, I try to not talk too much, but sometimes I cannot
help myself!  she wanted to know more and more and talked forever to
me!  She gave me her business card and wanted to be on our mailing
list.  She just called me and was so excited to tell me she had bought
two purses off the web site (Haitian Creations) and wanted to make sure I came in to see her
before we left.  She moved here from Honduras 15 years ago.  I will
definitely stay in touch with her, I do not know if she knows the Lord so
would love to pursue that.


Most children, born in Haiti, are underweight.  This child whose mother is in our Heartline Women’s Program weighed in at almost 10 pounds at birth. The Women’s program is making a difference

Sewing School Graduation

We, on June 8th, had our second sewing school graduations.  The ladies pictured above worked hard and we are proud of them.  Notice the beautiful outfit that they made.


We recently graduated another literacy class, and have been interviewing to receive new children into the creche.  I expect that next week we will receive a brother and sister as our newest arrivals. 

June 16-20, 2009

This is our fourth year where we conduct a 5 day Nanny School especially geared toward nannies that work in orphanages and children’s homes.

The subjects being taught this year are:

  • CPR/life saving techniques
  • Self defense for women
  • Health basics and first aid
  • Work place skills and ethics
  • Reactive attachment disorder
  • Learning through play and the power of play
  • Ideas for play/play therapy
  • Good hygiene
  • Developmental stages of babies and toddlers
  • Indoor/outdoor games
  • Child abuse/sexual abuse/neglect
  • Discipline and child rearing

This school is for our own nannies and we each year extend invitations to other children’s homes.  There is no charge and we provide lunch and prizes for the students.  PLUS we have several coming in from the States to teach and participate and we have people coming in from the States who will care for the children in our creche while our nannies attend the school. Any support that you can give would be helpful.

June 29 – August 7, 2009

This is our annual camp for about 50 children.  There is a lot involved in running this camp and we will have several dozen volunteers from the States coming in to help.  We charge the campers a grand total of $6.50 for the entire camp which costs us thousands of dollars to run.  Any support you can give toward this would be helpful.


Perhaps some of you have been wanting to get an iphone, but you just can’t seem to get yourself to put out the bucks.  I understand completely as it is a lot of money.  I have an iphone here in Haiti and I love it.  Let me tell you how I got it.

It was early evening and Beth and I were at home alone.  She asked if I would like an iphone for my birthday as she and our two children would all chip in to buy it for me.  Looking at my ten dollar phone I bought in Haiti, I dismissed her words but over the next several days I found myself checking out iphones on the web.   Finally I decided that I would like one and that it would be very useful here which has turned out to be correct.
So she said if I ordered it by credit card that she and the kids would cough up the money to pay for the phone.  Well my birthday was in March, I have and love the phone, but I am still waiting for the the BIG COUGH of money to come from Beth and the kids to pay for my birthday present.  IT I EXPECT WILL BE A COUGH THAT WILL NEVER COME.

John McHoul


  1. Victor says:

    Hey John. I hope everyone stays out of the harms way.Iphone OS 3.0 update is available now. Get it\\install it through iTunes.

  2. John says:

    Things are heating up and today a man was killed during a protest. Appreciate your words of caution.

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