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In Haiti we are green and not
so green.  We use diesel fuel – we have to if we want electricity
during black outs and fuel for our vehicles.  John likes to go green in
the middle of the night when the batteries run out and he does not
bother turning on the generator.  Our guests (and me) do not appreciate
his saving on fuel in the middle of the night.  He loves it.
Haiti every bottle gets used over and over and we reuse grocery bags
for more groceries and for purses that the ladies crochet. 
we are not up with the times.  John is an old hippie remember.  He sent
Sherry Healy a wish list.  Mike and Sherri Healy head up the team of 30
that are here for Nanny School.  Sherri is efficient, organized and
gets the job done.  She bought everything on the wish list ignoring
that it is a "wish" list and she could pick out a few things.  No, she
was a woman on a mission.
put on his list things like cartridge ink, paper, batteries, stuff like
that.  He included "green trash bags".  We are from Boston.  Green
trash bags can come in any color but they are called green trash bags. 
You put your trash in them.  Like "coke" can be Sprite, Ginger ale,
Orange soda, but it is all called "Coke".
Sherri is hip and lives in
the States.  To her "green" trash bags meant "GREEN" like in the earth
friendly folks.  She went to every store in her town looking for
environmental friendly green bags.  Didn’t find them so she braved the
capital, Indianapolis, to find the earth friendly bags.  Searched many
stores and  finally found environmental, green, earth friendly,
bio-hazard, bio-Eco, bags.  They were not cheap.  But, she cares so she
bought several boxes of them. 
John said, "huh?"  All I wanted was "green trash
bags" you know – those white, black, brown or green bags you line the trash
can with.  He was delighted and rolled on the floor laughing, went to
bed giggling and felt fulfilled that he had unwittingly sent Sherri on
a goose chase.
Just for that he may run the generator for her in the middle of the night.  Or maybe not – he’s going GREEN!

Beth McHoul

  1. Sherri says:

    John may still be laughing but this small town girl braving the traffic in the big city going to 2 Targets, Marsh, Trader Joe\’s and finally Whole Foods does not think it is all that funny! Next year I may rethink the Diet Cokes that I bring my junk food addict friend!

  2. John says:

    Next year I thunk that we will need some purple bags

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