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We planned for 30, have first
aid kits for 30, prizes for 30 and lunch for 30.  We are now at 43
with 5 more nannies coming tomorrow.  John is making a pharmacy run in
the morning for additional items for the first aid kits, Shelley is
cooking more food for lunch and we are adding more chairs daily.  We
love it!

Nannies are coming from several different orphanages and
learning better ways to care for kids.  They are the best students I
have seen in a long time.  They clap, they sing, they shout, they nod
their heads in agreement and they stay focused and alert through the
Some have asked for copies of the powerpoints to share
with others.  I got chills of excitement  at their response (a pretty
hard thing to do in this weather) to teachings on how to make sure a
baby makes an attachment.  They shouted with the teacher "don’t shake
the baby" over and over!  Their zeal is wonderful because we know it
translates into better care for the orphans of Haiti.
school is a lot of work!  Preparation, food, transporting 30  American
volunteers from place to place, making sure everything happens on time.
  But you know what, it’s a lot harder for an adoptive parent to
rebuild a broken child, attach to a child who has been neglected and
abused and try to make an abnormal child normal.
This week will make
a difference.  I am moved by these students who want to learn, who want
to grow, who want to love.  And I am amazed at the 30 volunteers who
brought 62 suitcases of supplies to make it happen.
Nanny school – the school of love! 

Beth McHoul

There are nannies from seven crèches at the year’s Nanny School

  1. Christine says:

    Hot stinkin\’ DOG!That\’s all I know to say. This is just so crazy amazing.

  2. John says:

    Crazy amazing was today\’s food, soap, detergent, and cloth give away at what was once a kidnapper\’s haven.

  3. Tanya and Jeff says:

    God bless you guys for providing this learning opportunity for the nannies…. Praying they take what they learned and share with their fellow workmates…. It is SO important to stimulate the kids….Tanya (adoptive mom to a 6 year old from Foyer de Sion)

  4. Unknown says:

    I love your ministry! It has an impact for now and eternity. Keep following where the Lord leads!

  5. John says:

    I was at a creche today that had sent several of their nannies and the directors told me how excited the nannies are and how they are sharing with others what they learned. This particular creche wants to have their own training week for nannies. We offered to help in any way that we can.

  6. Kristen says:

    This is so great! You guys do such a good job of training your nannies, and to extend that to others is such a blessing.

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