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Yesterday the group of 31 from Indiana left.  They were a good group and they accomplished much while here.  In addition to caring for the children and having a VBS for them so that the nannies could go to Nanny School, they: painted, sorted, cleaned, taught at the Women’s Center, taught at the Nanny School,  built the 30′ by 30′ frame for the rooftop garden, put up 4 ceiling fans (which they brought), patched our leaking roof which now actually leaks more, put a new roof of the sista (hen) house (which doesn’t leak any longer), and they played and loved on the children.  Oh, and they brought 62 suitcases of supples.  Yup 62 full suitcases.

Some of the suitcases

I am always blown away by the enormous efforts that groups undertake when making their trips to Haiti.  I am always amazed at the generosity of their churches, families, friends, and business, and others who give supplies.  The best way for us to get supplies is in the suitcases brought by visitors.  We don’t have the luxury of picking up supplies at the local Port-au-Prince Walmart.

Perhaps the biggest challenge in having a large group is transportation.  It was with the help of Troy, Byron, and Beth that we were able to move the group around.   Tom White our ministry bean counter is going to work on raising funds for a big truck that could handle the groups that come to help out.  He asked me for information about the truck that we would like to get after he asked me for a financial report.  Tom is slick and he knows that I can’t send him the info about the truck until I first send him the financial report.  So I am kind of working on the report.  Actually, I’ve been thinking about it and hope to send it to him soon. 

Tom has a CPA firm (business).  Now perhaps I’m being unreasonable but if you call during  his lunch time, you get a voice message.  Now I don’t understand this.  In my mind it is like a suicide hotline having a recorded message.  What if the IRS is at your door with big guns and you call Tom during his lunch time and get a voice message.  I kind of think that he should have 24 service, sort of like a hospital that has an emergency room.  It also irks me that his lunch time is different than our lunch time since he counts beans in Washington State and we are in Haiti.  He at least could be courteous enough to have lunch when we do.  And since we don’t stop for lunch, that would mean that I could call him anytime and not get the voice message thing.  I think that I will tell him this stuff, after I send in the report.


We on Saturday have a group of 13 coming from Texas.  They will be going to a seaside village to deworm a couple of hundred people and of course they will play and love on the children.  Some of them will be doing some stuff at church and one is a doctor and will do doctor stuff.  They will work on building some more coops for the sistas; but their primary project will be finishing the rooftop garden project.

The group from Indiana welded together a 30′ by 30′ frame and attached in to the roof of the Boys’ House.  The group from Texas is bringing in the 30′ by 30′ shade cloth which they will attach to the frame and we today are buying off the street 240 five gallon buckets in which we will plant stuff.  The garden is designed to handle 480 five gallon buckets.  We are getting dirt delivered and we do have our own compost.  Tim Pearson from Tampa who designed the garden will be coming in to oversee the project. 

I was told that this group will be bring a ton of supplies and since we still don’t have a big truck, which in my mind is the fault of Tom, the bean counter and his  demand for financial order, and since this group is from Texas, maybe we can get them with horses or hosses as we say in Boston.  Now maybe this is a stereotype  since I have only been in the Dallas airport several times and have never actually walked the dusty streets of Laradeo and visited Pa at the Ponderosa or eaten grub off the wagon train (although I do eat at some place that would make grub off the wagon train seem high class).   I am working on some Texas talk and so far I can say, "Howdy Partna."

I would like to write more but I have to ride off into the sunset to do some stuff and to try not to think about Tom’s report.

John McHoul

  1. John says:

    I just received an e-mail from Ginny Farr telling me that Pa and the Ponderosa were in California. So let me change that to Walker Texas Ranger.

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