Baby Jean Peter

Posted: July 8, 2009 in Uncategorized


Baby Jean Peter is nine months old and weighed 9 pounds 9 ounces when he was brought  into our clinic.  He was in respiratory 
mom said he would not eat and he was quickly diagnosed with pneumonia. 
His sagging skin just hung off of him and he and his mom were pitiful. 
I asked what he had eaten or drank that day and she said he ate one
cheese curl.  Thankfully she still had breast milk and we got her
breast feeding right away.
Our three visiting doctors sprang into
action and gave him injectable antibiotics, oral antibiotics and kept
mom breastfeeding.  She came in the door a young, disinterested
teenager who had no idea how sick her baby was.  She left feeling
surrounded by the love of a team of Americans who truly cared about her
baby.  Three doctors gave him their time and expertise.  We prayed with
her, coached her to continue breastfeeding, and pressed her into coming
back a few days later.
days later she came for Child Development class.  I didn’t recognize
the baby.  His hair had been braided, he had cute clothes on and mom
was grinning from ear to ear.  Although still sick he was definitely
out of the woods.  He looked cared for and mom said she has been
diligent in breastfeeding and giving him his meds.  We sent her away
with a gift bag of baby items and toiletries.
What a difference love
and medical care makes.  Her family complained that she doesn’t care
for the baby.  Obviously she had not been feeding him – he was
starving.  A new mom emerged after the appointment.  Our loving the
baby gave her a sense of love for the baby.  God used three doctors to
tell her He loves her and her baby.    Love works!  Medicine works! 
We immediately put her into our program where she can come and learn parenting skills and get support.  This program works!
JP gained one pound in four days!

Beth McHoul


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