Lots of Stuff and Have Some Lemonade

Posted: July 13, 2009 in Uncategorized
It seems that we this summer are busier than ever with activities, groups and visitors.  Our effectiveness is greatly increased as we have more hands and hearts to help with the work and vision.  It is rare for a visitor not to be heart impacted by their time in Haiti, and many speak of wanting to return in spite of being out of their comfort zone.  I really don’t like that phrase "comfort zone."  As believers our comfort zones should be wherever the Lord leads us.  He is our comfort zone.  When in an easy place, He is our comfort zone.  When in a hard place, He is our comfort zone.  When in the place that only happens to other people but now it has happen to you, He your comfort zone.

We are so thankful for the prayers and support of so many that enable us to be the hands of Christ here in Haiti.  We, last week, were greatly encouraged by a $46.00 donation from the proceeds of a Lemonade stand in Manassas, Virginia. 

Such efforts greatly encourage us and infuse us with a renewed determination to stay the course, to press forward, to move on, and to lose sight to gain vision.

The rooftop garden is getting greener and today we had our first official tour by a group that came to visit the women’s program and to see the rooftop garden.  Our hope is that this project will be duplicated numerous time and it is our privilege to share what we have learned in putting together this project.  And honestly, we would not have a rooftop garden if not for the help and expertise of others.

We had hoped that Beth’s car would make it through the summer without going into the shop for major front end repairs but is was not to be.  Last Friday, we had to give it to the mechanic as it simply was too dangerous to drive and I hope that it will be back with us this week.  So Beth has my truck and I am on the motorcycle.

For those visitors who have been sardined inside Beth’s car and in or on my truck you will be glad to know that we are raising funds for a truck so that we can transport our groups around.  I hope that you are glad enough to help by giving toward this project.  You can e-mail Tom White at <tom.white@heartlineministries.org> for more info or with the amount that you will give toward the purchase of the truck.  You can also just click on paypal to make it simpler.  Thanks!
We several times over the past month have been to an inner city area that about eighteen months ago was a kidnapper’s haven.  We with the group from Indiana did a food and clothes give away that was at times a tad interesting as people pressed in to receive food and clothing.  Last week we brought visitors there from Florida who simply went from house to house telling people about Jesus and praying for people, especially the sick.  The people in the area were so thrilled to have people show such love and care, that they asked them to come back and so they and another of our visitors went back two days later.  And today, we have 5 visitors there with Junior.  They are there to share the gospel, pray for the people and to reflect the love of Christ.
We are starting to feel that perhaps this is a place that we should be going regularly.  The people there are so needy and voodoo has such a hold on their lives.  We very much ask for your prayers as we look to God for His direction.  Speaking of prayer, I recently read this quote by F. B. Meyer: "The great tragedy of life is not unanswered prayer, but unoffered prayer."

Yes it is true that on July 20th Beth and I will have been married 35 years.  I know that some of you wonder how she has endured such hardship.  All I can say is that I wonder that as well.

John McHoul


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