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We at Heartline in our 20 years have never had a regular program where we would give food.  Oh, we would have groups comes in like the recent INDIANA 31 who brought over $2000.00 to purchase food to be given away.  So we bought about $16,000 Haitian dollars worth of rice, beans, oil, tomato paste, bullion, spaghetti, fish, canned milk, laundry detergent, soap and with clothes they brought we went into an inner city area to give the supplies to the needy. There were dozens and dozens of white bags stuffed with the items listed above.

Bags of Food

 Now you would have to have been there to witness the difficulty in giving away the bags of supplies and how mob like it got at times as people crushed in to get the supplies.

Now every Tuesday and Thursday, the women in our Women’s Program received hard boiled eggs from our own sistas, vitamins and food that we cook that comes from Feed My Starving Children given to us by our  friends at World Wide Village.

We, as well, on occasion will identify a mother and child that are not doing well from the Women’s Program and have them stay at the creche for a couple of weeks where we give them good food and lots of love and encouragement.  But we have not regularly fed people.

I for years have been going in and out of an inner city area that a couple of years back was somewhat unsafe due to gang and kidnapping activity.  Recently we have been taking visitors there to minister.  The Indiana 31 brought food and supplies to give away there.  We over the past couple of weeks have had some of our visitors goes there to pray and minister to the people.

Christian & Courtney, recent visitors, in the inner city area visiting, praying, and giving the kids lollipops.

Now we are considering going into this area weekly if not daily and part of that may involve giving food.  I know that to most this seems simple, you just go and give food those that need it.  I wish that it were that simple and that giving food would solve all their hunger problems.  IT’S NOT THAT SIMPLE.
Yesterday a few of us made a moto ride out to see Davis Zachary, a friend and fellow missionary who is doing a remarkable work in a place called Cazale.  While there he let me take a book titled: WHEN CHARITY DESTROYS DIGNITY – Overcoming Unhealthy Dependency in the Christian Movement by Glenn J. Schwartz.  I have started to read this book to help with understanding as we consider going into a community to effect change.  How can we effectively make a difference and yet not foster dependency?  What can we  impact future generations?  How can we effectively communicate the gospel and help people see that God honors His word and honors those that honor Him?  How do we guide the community to be dependent on God and not on us?

Still praying, still reading, still waiting, still watching and still looking to God!

John McHoul


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