Posted: July 21, 2009 in Uncategorized
We are now on our third day with no electricity at the children’s homes, the Women’s Center and the office.  We are not certain why there is no electricity.  Our house is less than a mile away and we have electricity.  Troy and Tara even live closer and they have electricity. 
Speaking of electricity we received an electric bill for the girl’s house in the amount of $1675.00 US.  SAY WHAT!  It could take us almost two years to generate that much electricity as we usually are without city power.  I will be going to the electric company to discuss the bill but as I learned almost 20 years ago and as is still the case,  customer service is not a strong point here.
I can almost predict what will happen.  I will go to the electric company with other bills from previous months that will show that our previous  bills were a fraction of the current bill.  But that will have no impact.  I will be told that we simply used more electricity, like 20 times more than usual.  I will of course disagree and the person that I am talking to will by this time lose interest in me.  If I say that I won’t pay because there must be an error, then the person may or may not respond, but it doesn’t matter as he/she knows and I know that the electric company will disconnect us if we don’t pay. 

I will ask to see the supervisor and he/she will tell me to pay and then we can talk about it and if it is their error, then they will credit us.  FAT CHANCE!   I’ll let you know how this turns out.


Just when I thought things were getting safer here in Haiti I last week was attacked in the back yard of the boys’ house.  I wasn’t injured too severely and did not need hospital attention but my lower leg does have a bruise.  In the future I will be more careful and  I will NEVER turn my back on one our our roosters again. 

Now when I go onto the rooftop to check out our growing garden I keep a distance from some of the big plants as you never know what they could do.  This could be an over active imagination from when I was a kid watching too many  horror movies like THE PLANT MONSTER THAT ATTACKED TOKYO.



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