Posted: July 29, 2009 in Uncategorized
It is 2:40 AM and I am sitting here at the computer surrounded by three panting dogs with the faint sound of 6 several day old chicks peeping away in a bin in the other room.  Their peeping is being muffled out by the steady rumbling of our generator that I started at 2:30.   We have not had city power for going on two days and so at about 2:20 the batteries got too low and boom the power quit coming into the house.  I know right away when we lose power by the absence of hot air blowing on me. When we lose power the hot air no longer being pushed by a fan now just falls on you like a TON OF BRICKS.   I also can tell because the mosquitoes that have been waiting for the power to cut out, so the hot air being blown by the fans stops,  come in for the invasion.  It is usually shock and awe.  A mass attack.
So I have turned the generator on and decided to start my day with a cup of coffee and with a diet A&W Root Beer.  I figure this is pretty healthy as there must be some vitamins in the powdered coffee creamer that I use. Having the generator on will get the hot air blowing on sleeping Beth and force the mosquitoes away to plan their next attack.  It also helps keep the food in the warm fridge from smelling real bad.  Now it just a little smell.


It only took a little more than three weeks and we have our first vegetables from the rooftop garden. We now have 5 buckets like the one pictured below where the radishes have popped up and are ready.  We also have another bucket where the Bangladeshian spinach is ready to be picked.   

We do appreciate your help and comments as we look to gain maximum results from this project!

Our daughter Morgan comes in tomorrow.  She is bring several things that I have requested one of which she called  complaining about last night. Robert Rice from Missouri sent her a baggie of duckweed which looks like the picture below, but minus the frog.

We are going to grow duckweed in bins and then freeze it and give chunks of it to the tilapia who love duckweed. 

Morgan said that it looks like pot and she is afraid that she will get arrested or something.  Beth asked her how she knows what pot looks like and she came back with a quick reply, "Oh, I’ve seen it on TV."  BUSTED!!!

Well, it is 3:18 and I am going to post this and go back to bed for some blowing hot air as 5:00 AM my normal waking time will soon be here.



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