Posted: August 10, 2009 in Uncategorized


Carine, our office manager, married Donald, her long time boy friend this past Saturday.  The wedding that was scheduled for 2:00 PM actually started at 3:33 PM.  And probably what amazed me even more was that at 4:20 PM or two hours and twenty minutes after the wedding was to begin, people were still coming.  Now I’ve been in Haiti twenty years but I’m still amazed at how late the weddings can start and how late into the ceremony people still come.  And I still can’t get myself to arrive late even though it is probable that the wedding will not begin on time.  So I make sure that I bring work with me or a book to read.  I brought the book THE HEAVENLY MAN by Brother Yun & Paul Hattaway.  Pray for Carine and Donald, as they begin their lives together.

Speaking of new beginnings, we have a new batch of chicks being born even as I type.

Another new beginning happens today as Dina, (Carine’s younger sister) the tutor for the children in the crèches, begins her new adventure by traveling for the first time on an airplane and for the first time leaving Haiti her birth country for the United States where she will study at Crowder College in Neosho, Missouri.  We are happy for her and we and the children will miss her.



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